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Friday, Jan 27th, 2023
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DC Comics Characters That Deserve A Halloween Special

Swamp Thing

Marvel is bringing major holiday special events back into the mainstream. One has to believe it is only a matter of time before DC follows in their footsteps, whether in their live-action space or in one of their many animated projects. While we’ve seen “The Long Halloween” story arc split into two films, that was really just a year-long mystery and not a true Halloween special.

Here we will look at different characters from the pages of DC Comics that may or may not have already seen exposure on screens big and small. We will briefly discuss their role in the comics and what possible storylines we could see them encounter in a DC Halloween Special. Prepare for plenty of scares because, as is so often the case, DC tends to get a bit darker than Marvel.


7/7 Madame Xanadu

Once a magical being of near omnipotent power, Madame Xanadu has had most of her magical abilities stripped from her by her former lover, Merlin. Yes, the very same Merlin from the tales of Camelot. Maintaining her abilities as a seer, Xanadu is often seen advising other magic users on how to best proceed. Recent retcons have allowed Xanadu to become more involved in defending the realm than in previous entries.

A Halloween special doesn’t necessarily need to focus on one character, and should DC take an anthology approach, Madame Xanadu could play the narrator, appearing at the beginning of each story and speaking to both the characters who are bound to a tragic adventure, as well as to the audience at home.

6/7 Swamp Thing

The tale of the Swamp Thing is filled with plenty of tragedy and mystery. Alec Holland was a scientist who had died amidst a chemical fire in the swamps of Louisiana. What emerged from these boggy waters was not a man, but a creature made of moss, algae, and other forms of plant life. This Swamp Thing would believe itself to be the mutated form of Alec Holland until such a day would come that it was revealed he was merely an elemental being that had contained the memories and consciousness of Alec Holland.

A special focused on this character could follow this sad origin to the letter and prove to be a psychological thriller for audiences everywhere. Seeing this creature fall in love with Abigail Arcane and seek answers on how to become human once again, only to discover that it had never truly been human to begin with, could show the gothic side of horror in the DC Universe.

5/7 John Constantine

Where John Constantine goes, doom follows. Such is the warning for any fool who would dare call themselves a friend of the dark sorcerer. When one reads a tale of Constantine’s adventures, one often finds themselves asking if John is truly a hero or just a selfish figure who happens to save the day because his own life is at risk.

A special could see John trying to relax in a pub when demons begin to haunt the night, and John tries to walk away from it all. Then an ensemble of colorful characters can convince him to help save the day, but, as is often the case, this group would face graphic deaths, all so John can live to see another dawn. Graphic, dark, and some classic one-liners delivered in that strong English accent are the ingredients for making a Hellblazer Halloween Special.

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4/7 Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy would be the perfect showcase of zombie folklore in the DC Universe. Cyrus Gold, a known criminal, had died in the bog of Slaughter Swamp just outside of Gotham City and would reanimate as a hulking brute, taking the moniker of Solomon Grundy after remembering that he was born on a Monday. This character is notable for being an enemy of multiple heroes in the DC Universe, having fights with Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, & The Flash.

A special could focus on Grundy as more of a gentle monster as he has been depicted in the comics as such before. Seeing him go about town like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s Monster would make for a beautiful DC Comics parody of a classic tale told around the campfire and autumn leaves.

3/7 Raven

Raven is often associated with the super team, the Teen Titans. Known as the mystical sorceress and the daughter of Trigon, Raven maintains her composure with meditation as her emotions can help fuel her magical powers. In modern stories, Raven’s empathic powers are leaned on more heavily, allowing her to access the memories and hidden emotions of friends and enemies alike.

This special could focus on Raven’s constant internal struggle to not lose control. With the call of her father constantly nagging at her, Raven can set out to seek peace from the evil urges and, during this adventure, discover that the good inside of her outweighs the bad. Saving innocent lives, battling demons, and potentially featuring cameo appearances from her teammates could make for a compelling special focused on Raven.

2/7 Etrigan the Demon

Long ago, Jason Blood and Etrigan the Demon were bound together in a magical spell, thus taming the rhyming demon’s rage as he would only be allowed to enter the mortal plane to fight in Jason’s stead when called upon. Jason Blood is a powerful sorcerer, but even he recognizes some situations require Etrigan’s brute strength and hellfire powers.

Imagine Jason Blood attempting to lead a group of apprentices on a quest to prove themselves as capable sorcerers when the group gets into more trouble than they had planned. Jason would then call upon the demon, and as the demon’s name rings out, the transformation would amaze audiences and leave them awestruck. The power of Etrigan and his rhymes would give nostalgic vibes of classic Halloween specials and leave plenty of chills, as the difference between a helpful ally and a destructive force is the spell attaching Etrigan to Jason Blood.

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1/7 Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s Monster, taking on his creator’s name, appears as a recurring character in DC Comics, working as a member of the Justice League Dark, the Seven Soldiers. Also, as part of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive or S.H.A.D.E. Throughout his adventures, he would prove to be an integral ally as the fact that he is already dead makes him to be the most enduring.

Focusing on Frank’s time in S.H.A.D.E could see the undead monster teaming with and leading his fellow monsters on dangerous adventures, taking on monsters in covert missions so as not to alert humanity to the evils that dwell within our very planet. And given Frank’s patchwork body, we could see limbs get severed and reattached at the director’s heart’s content.

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