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Saturday, Sep 23rd, 2023
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6 Letterkenny Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off After Shoresy

You’re watching Hulu’s new Letterkenny spin-off, Shoresy, the other dayee when you start to wonder what other great side characters from the hit sitcom set in rural Canada might be due for their own show. Well, to be fair (Tooooooo beeeeeee faaaaaaaaaairrrrrrrrrrr!), it can be a bit risky to build a whole new series around a fan-favorite character as what often tends to keep them interesting is their limited amount of appearances.

However, if the sharp-chirpin’, goal-scoring, and formerly faceless title character of Shoresy – portrayed by series creator and Wayne actor Jared Keeso – can lead his own show to great acclaim, I think we can say that Letterkenny cast is pertnear full of characters who could achieve the same success. So, pitter patter, let’s get at er and see who we believe would be the perfect candidates to lead the next installment of this bizarre, hilarious universe – starting with one of the funniest hicks on the series outside of the main four.

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