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Thursday, Apr 18th, 2024
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Why Space Enthusiasts Should Watch the Apple TV+ Show

Why Space Enthusiasts Should Watch the Apple TV+ Show

Apple TV+ is known for its slowly-but-surely growing catalog of shows, not all of which are well known. One of the lesser-known shows on the platform is For All Mankind, which chronicles an alternate history in which the space race never ended. Despite the show changing history, pieces of it are extremely accurate; not only accurate to the trials and tribulations of space travel, but also accurate in what could be possible if the space race continued.

The alternate future demonstrated in the show is not very far off from what we actually lived. Everything that occurs feels plausible despite being somewhat untrue. While we understand how the space race occurred and why it ended, it is interesting to think about how it could have continued to occur, and the butterfly effect of just one incident altering the entire course of human history. These factors are what have allowed the show to now approach the release of its third season to some die-hard fans. In fact, the third season of the show is set to follow the first manned travel to Mars. If any of this sounds interesting to you, now is the time to watch For All Mankind​​​​.


What is For All Mankind?

For All Mankind chronicles an alternate history of the space race. In this reality, the Russians reached the moon first and thus the space race continued for America. In this continuation, the Russians begin to train women for subsequent landings to increase diversity. Thus, the Americans must do the same but better. The Americans not only began training women but other minorities as well to beat the Russians at their own game.


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After the shift from our known history, beginning at the change in the moon landing, the entire legacy and timeline of the space race shifts. The series is an interesting thought experiment in looking at what would happen if America lost; in fact, it seems like technology would progress, as NASA wouldn’t be de-funded and progress would continue at exponential rates, with the show going so far as to include a subsequent space race to Mars. For All Mankind also includes many historical figures who participated in the original space race, including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Presidents Nixon and Reagan. Thus, the show’s main goal is to see what would have occurred if the space race never ended. While the idea of the show itself is fictional, the show is still able to capture what an elongated space race would look like with stunning accuracy.

How is the Show an Accurate Depiction of Space?

The show is an alternate timeline of space travel to what we are currently experiencing. However, that doesn’t mean that the show does not still give an accurate depiction of space and space travel. As the show begins amidst the original space race in the 1960s, the technology in For All Mankind is incredibly accurate to the technology at that time. The details of its Apollo 10 mission is surprisingly factual, outside the crew members. As the show moves forward in time, they keep the technology authentic to that time period, just with the inclusion of increased space-related technology.


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Also, as it is a show about space, the depiction of space itself is as accurate as any movie that goes to space, using modern special effects to represent the vastness of space and the complications of space travel. The team behind For All Mankind seems to have done all the work required to make the perfect modern space saga, embracing the televisual medium to meticulously, affectionately detail the space program of the ’60s and a time of technological optimism. For All Mankind was made for all space enthusiasts and history buffs alike, creating the perfect intersection if you will. As the show combines history and space in the best way possible, it is accessible to a multitude of audiences.

Why Should You Watch For All Mankind?

As previously stated, now is the time to watch For All Mankind. The show is approaching the release of its third season, which is sure to be one of the best TV series coming to Apple TV+ this June. There are not a lot of episodes to catch up on, and you also have something to get excited about for the release on June 10th. Again, this is not the most popular show on Apple TV+, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. In fact, For All Mankind has done very well with critics, and fans of the show love it. Bonus, if you are the first among your friends to watch the show, then you get to be the cool friend with the great show recommendations.

Also, let’s be realistic, it’s summer, the time when everyone has a bit too much time on their hands and all network shows seem to take a break. Thus, it’s the perfect time to dig deep into your streaming library and watch a bunch of new shows. So once you’re done bingeing season four of Stranger Things, pull up For All Mankind and expand your horizons, literally.

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