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Wednesday, Jun 12th, 2024
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New Moon Spells New Trouble – Talk Nerdy With Us

New Moon Spells New Trouble – Talk Nerdy With Us

One thing I love about Good Trouble is that the show still continues to surprise me three seasons in, which is exactly what happened on Wednesday night’s episode when some interesting revelations came about during Malika’s new moon ceremony.

I love these episodes where the entire Coterie gang gets together and just has fun. We haven’t seen something like that in quite some time, and we all needed a break after last week’s drama filled hour, didn’t we?

So I’m going to stop rambling now and just dive into this recap.


So everyone is invited to Malika’s ceremony but Mariana is clearly bored. She gets a FaceTime call from her friend Claire, who wants to talk about Raj. Claire lets Mariana know she and Raj “talking” and “visiting each other’s Animal Crossing islands”. Wait. Is that how people flirt nowadays? Oh, I am so behind the times.

Anyways, Mariana can’t help herself and talks to Raj himself when he comes pick up the box of his stuff he had asked her to leave on the table for him. After being interrupted by an animal rummaging in the room, the pair run to the bathroom for safety. With Claire on FaceTime, Mariana pokes Raj for information about who he is seeing and it becomes clear this relationship is officially over.

By the end of the night, Mariana and Raj end things on good terms and Mariana gives him back all of his stuff, including his NASA shirt that she had planned on keeping. I do have to wonder though if this is the last time we will see Raj on the show, since his main storyline revolved around Mariana.


I love me a good fake out scene and that’s what Wednesday’s installment provided. The opening scene saw Alice and Callie flirting and kissing in Alice’s room. My jaw was on the floor, but this turns out to be a dream Alice had (more on that later!). This week was all about Callie having fun and laughing, two things went don’t normally see from her.

Callie goes to find her sister, who still never came back upstairs for the new moon ceremony, and looks under her bed only to find two glowing eyes. She freaks out and runs into her closet. I mean, there’s a light switch she could have turned on but whatever. In a truly hilarious moment, she teams up with Gael and Alice to “fight” the raccoons causing chaos in their home.

The trio finally trap the raccoons in a trash can but learn Kelly is watching the raccoons for a friend and they accidentally got loose. Still, it was nice to see Callie having fun this week.


Let’s be real here, Malika’s new moon ceremony did not go as planned. However, she did get some time with Dyonte and Isaac in the pool; that scene had so much sexual tension that I’m surprised the ppol didn’t turn into a hot tub. DAMN!

After the party, Isaac confronts his girlfriend and says she did not look surprised about the news regarding Dyonte’s poly relationship. He’s upset that Malika already knew about it and didn’t tell him.

He asks her point blank if she interested in having a relationship with Dyonte. The look on Malika’s face said it all. I don’t want to see Issac get hurt simply because he’s not down with having a poly relationship.

Other Thoughts

  • Remember when I mentioned Alice dreamed about kissing Callie? Well, Alice confesses to Davia that she’s in love with Callie now. In reality, the dream was more about her feelings regarding her casual relationship with Ruby. But Callie overhears Alice talking to Davia and looks confused towards the end of the episode. I was over Alice’s storyline originally, but now I’m invested again.
  • Did you see how happy Gael was to run into Raj in the bathroom? I love their bromance.
  • Going back to that Davia-Dennis phone call from last week’s episode, I have a feeling the show is going to force Davia into a relationship with Matt and then Dennis will return to make a love triangle. UGH.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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