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Wednesday, Jun 12th, 2024
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Trust In Love Featured, Reviews Film Threat

Trust In Love Featured, Reviews Film Threat

Every movie has a running time. Some rare films instead have a surfing time, where one event flows seamlessly into another while climbing higher and higher. The tremendous divorce drama Trust In Love is one of the rare ones. Directed by Mick Davis and written and produced by star Jimi Petulla, it is set and shot in sunny Malibu.

Music producer Marty (Jimi Petulla) works 15-hour days in the studio, trying to keep the embers of a once wildfire career smoldering. He is about to celebrate 19 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Sofia (Natasha Wilson). His popular teenage daughter, Jennifer (Sydney Bullock), seems to have a crush on her horseback trainer, Brian (Jeremiah Blakely). Her younger brother, Cody (Logan Arditty), narrates the film in a voice-over. He is bullied at school and spends time drawing and messing with electronic music his day doesn’t get.

“Marty has planned a big to-do for his anniversary dinner…as Sofia wants a divorce.”

Marty has planned a big to-do for his anniversary dinner, including live classical music and romantic tableside magic by drag artist Lucy the Magi (Alberto Davila Jr.). The fireworks he gets in response aren’t what he was expecting, as Sofia wants a divorce. The kids are devastated, and Marty is forced to reach out for help from his beach bum little brother, Bobby (Tim Hazelip), who gets by giving surf lessons.

Bobby tries to keep Marty’s head straight, as during all this, he has one last chance to deliver a hit record to prove he isn’t washed up. However, the family wrecking tidal waves that are headed toward Marty roll so fast that even the Malibu Stogie Guru (Eric Roberts) may not be able to steer him clear in time.

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