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Thursday, Dec 7th, 2023
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The Marvels Thursday previews open with $6 million

The Marvels

The newest MCU movie that has an uphill battle while the studio struggles to maintain order and quality opens with a humble early total.

The Marvels makes its way to theaters this week. In a possible attempt to garner new interest in the low-tracking movie, Marvel Studios released a new trailer just before the release that promoted the dramatic aspect of the film that differed from earlier promotional materials, which emphasized the comedic elements. The new trailer also teased something big with text that reads, “Be there for the moment that changes everything.” And in an interesting clip, mysterious figures appear to arrive through a Bifrost-esque portal while Nick Fury proclaims, “They’re here.” Then, we get a small glimpse of a superhero-costumed figure walking past Monica.

Deadline reports that the Thursday early preview totals brought in around $6.5 million. Analysts estimated that the newest film in the superhero universe would fall below the lowest-opening movie in the MCU, The Incredible Hulk, which had opened to $55.4 million in its premiere weekend. Advanced ticket sales for The Marvels topped out at $5 million, which put it on track to do similar numbers to this year’s notorious flop, The Flash. However, The Flash‘s Thursday previews would open higher with $9.7 million.

The Marvels seemed to have more working against it, though. Although The Flash suffered a long PR nightmare with its star, Ezra Miller, the other stars would still be able to do press and draw attention to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman. The Marvels is coming off the heels of an actors’ strike that had forbidden the stars from doing any kind of promotion. Now that the strike has ended, the movie’s director Nia DaCosta and Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani made an appearance at a special screening on opening night to help promote the movie.

In addition, Brie Larson took to social media to finally be able to talk about the movie and excitedly proclaimed, “We’re so back.” The strike’s end also has Larson doing a last-minute scheduling for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she’ll appear tonight to do press for the movie. Marvel Studios has been in the spotlight for the recent troubles that the company has been facing, which range from the Jonathan Majors controversy to newly revealed reshoots for Captain America: Brave New World and the major overhaul of Daredevil: Born Again. Add in a big dose of the much-theorized and hotly-debated “superhero fatigue,” and The Marvels has even more of an uphill battle to contend with.

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