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Thursday, Dec 7th, 2023
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The Loch Ness Horror Featured, Reviews Film Threat

In the ocean’s deep unknown, a submarine searches for a creature only known through legends. When reports surface that the sub has gone missing, a rag-tag group of adventurers must band together if they are to rescue those lost at sea. But, when the team discovers they are not on a rescue mission but a mission of discovery, their journey goes from another day on the water to being confronted with the legendary Loch Ness Monster. 

Written and Directed by Tyler James, The Loch Ness Horror is influenced by movies crafted by The Asylum and SYFY Channel in every frame. The rescuers get brief introductions, and the mission to rescue the sub/ find the Loch Ness Monster is all laid out; then, it’s nothing but monster mayhem. Like many entries in the low-budget creature feature family, many characters are fodder for epic monster kills (none disappoint), though it would be nice to know a few of their names first. Even with romantic subplots and a small scientific conspiracy, the main character is the Loch Ness Monster. To that end, James delivers on a fun, gigantic, and over-the-top title monster. 

“…their journey goes from another day on the water to being confronted with the legendary Loch Ness Monster.”

The Loch Ness Horror is built entirely on spectacle, and despite that foundation, the film could use a little more spectacle. James adds a few Alien-inspired twists and a great ending, but the movie feels like it could be so much more. Playing off the Alien inspiration, the story sets itself up as a campy Alien at sea (ironic since Alien is often dubbed Jaws in space) but never capitalizes on its premise. Yet, the presence of the title monster is evident and enjoyable throughout the movie and offers a few cheer-worthy monster moments.  

From the title, poster, and trailer, The Loch Ness Horror will have its fans. The film seems destined for the rabbit hole of weird movies on Tubi. James has found a middle ground between the sensational Sharknado films and the pure shlock of Sharkula. But, the middle ground might be the undoing of The Loch Ness Horror. Characters never serve the plot more than mere victims; the monster itself, while fantastic, is used sparingly, and the story never evolves much beyond discovering the Loch Ness monster. It has charm and some exciting ideas but needs more of each to thrive in a world with hundreds of low-budget, high-concept monster movies. 

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