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Tuesday, Jun 6th, 2023
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The 23 Best Summer Haircuts to Try in 2022 — Photos

The 23 Best Summer Haircuts to Try in 2022 — Photos

The weather is finally getting hotter, so before you pack your beach bag and sip frozen margs, it’s time to check out the best new summer haircuts. Summer is always a great time for a hair switch-up, but especially after the past two years, we could all use a fresh start. What better way than shedding some dead weight?

Drew Schaefering, an expert stylist at Brooklyn’s Rob Peetoom, says that his clients have been feeling the same way. “One of the things that summer brings—aside from longer days, sunsets, and social gatherings—is a sense of change,” he explains. “Our hair behaves differently with heat and humidity changing, so many of us alter our approach and adapt. I have been cutting a lot of length with several clients opting for a more ‘lightweight’ and ‘free’ look.” 

Lightweight and free is exactly how we want to be until Labor Day rolls around. We spoke to Schaefering and other top stylists for all the insight on the coolest summer haircuts to try this year. From minimalist hair to breezy bangs, read on for all the inspo you could hope for.

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