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Thursday, Dec 7th, 2023
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SAND LAND’s First Story Trailer Has Us Speculating How Toriyama’s Universe is Connected

SAND LAND's First Story Trailer Has Us Speculating How Toriyama's Universe is Connected

Bandai Namco has provided eager viewers with a range of new information on upcoming video games during Tokyo Game Show 2023. Today, the first story trailer for the upcoming third-person action game, SAND LAND was revealed. From the get-go, SAND LAND is absolutely chock full of the Toriyama charm that fans of his work have come to know and love. The trailer runs for 2:20 and can be viewed below.

SAND LAND originally ran for three months back in 2000. So, it’s quite a comeback, but again, does anything really die forever in Toriyama’s world? This new lease on life has allowed longtime fans and newcomers alike to experience everything that this post-apocalyptic story has to offer. And boy, it looks fantastic.

The trailer gives us an overview of what to expect from the story. Living in a desert, where water sources are clearly sparce, an unlikely group come together in search of the “Legendary Spring”. Whether or not this rumor is originally believed, desperation means that they set out on a quest to discover an oasis in the barren desert that they call home.

Eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that a certain character shown off in the SAND LAND trailer looked quite familiar to one in the Dragon Ball universe. Pausing at 0:55 allows you to view a character who looks incredibly similar to Dabura. Whether or not this character is directly related to Dabura himself, or Toriyama enjoys creating this style of character remains to be seen. The similarity is uncanny though, and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Whilst no release date is currently set, SAND LAND will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

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