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Wednesday, Nov 29th, 2023
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RuneScape’s Latest Graphical Update Has Players Unequipping Armor Like Never Before

RuneScape's Latest Graphical Update Has Players Unequipping Armor Like Never Before

The first of many graphical updates has gone live on RuneScape today. Entrana may be a location that the average player does not visit all too often but says its name, and everyone knows the rather annoying requirement one needs to abide by to travel there. One must unequip their armor, weapons, and other miscellaneous items to set foot on the island. This means that to look at today’s update in all of its glory, you need to do just that. This update will have you shouting, ‘bank your armor!’ like it’s 2006 all over again.

Mod Zact was the one behind the changes to Entrana. With a focus on making the island more geometrically correct and providing a brand-new boat. Entrana looks much more in line with the newer areas of RuneScape now. This is essential as it can be a stark contrast from going to the older, lesser frequented areas to the more recent locations, or those which have had a graphical overhaul.

With Entrana being graphically updated, there is no time like the present to make the journey over and see what it has to offer. Which, honestly, outside of Runecrafting Law Runes, and remember the days of running Rune Essence to people traveling to and from Entrana to craft Law Runes? Also, accessing the island when doing the Lost City quest, there isn’t too much to do.

While Entrana may not be the most exciting place in the whole of RuneScape. Its small, isolated location makes it an easy starting point for graphical updates. If it’s a matter of playing catch-up, it makes sense to knock locations such as this off of the list first. No matter how big or small the location that receives the graphical update, however, it is always appreciated by the community.

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