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Tuesday, Jan 31st, 2023
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How an Explainer Video Can Boost Your Social Media Presence


An explainer video can make a big difference to your social media presence.

Wondering how? You’ve come to the right place.

To start, videos, especially short-form ones, are wildly popular on social media platforms. In fact, social media videos are the second-most popular form of videos marketers make. And the reason for this is simple — videos are shared twice as much as other forms of content on social media. 

But guess which type of videos occupy the #1 spot? 

They’re explainer videos.

Image via Wyzowl

But just like other videos, you can also use explainer videos on social media. So, let’s see how they can help in improving your social media presence. 

Ways Explainer Videos Help Improve Your Social Media Presence

Here’s how explainer videos can help in boosting your presence on social media. 

1. Engaging

One of the biggest advantages of explainer videos is that they’re greatly engaging.

The reason?

They’re addressing a topic that the viewers want to learn about. As a result, they’ll automatically capture their attention. And if you’ve created the videos well, packed with animations and other elements, they’ll keep the audience engaged throughout their duration. 

Additionally, unlike a product demo video, these videos won’t necessarily appear promotional, which increases their appeal further. 

For instance, note how Semrush has put up this explainer video on LinkedIn.

Image via LinkedIn

2. Help the Viewers

The other reason why explainer videos can help you grow your brand on social media is that these videos are inherently made to help your audience. 

Unlike promo videos, the main objective of explainer videos is to inform the audience about a particular concept or how they could navigate a problem they’re facing. 

And when you help your audience with something, they’ll start looking up to you as a helpful source of information, which could firmly establish you as an authority figure and ultimately help foster customer loyalty.

The key, however, is to ensure that the explainer videos you create should be relevant to your audience and must explain everything correctly. Always use the best online video makers that hep you to create the effective videos for your audience.

3. Offer Online Learning

People increasingly turn towards the internet to look for information and to learn about new things. And when you put up an explainer video on a particular topic, it serves as educational material for them. So, even if the video is completely unrelated to your product or service, it helps establish you as a credible source for online learning. 

And that’s not all.

Here’s the thing — 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn about a particular product or service. So, when you upload explainer videos on social media, you’ll ensure that your target audience sees such videos relevant to your product or service. And these videos could lead to them converting too.

For instance, see how Shutterstock has created a video for its audience, who are budding video creators.

9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know | Filmmaking Tips – YouTube

4. Can Be Short or Long

Like other videos on social media, you could opt for both long and short explainer videos, as far as you’re explaining the concepts well. This would enable you to create videos for multiple social media platforms and even different audiences. 

For instance, a segment of your audience would prefer to watch Reels on Instagram, while others might prefer long-form videos on YouTube. By creating both, you can engage these audiences and get their attention. It can also help you grow your presence on both social media platforms. However, when publishing videos on several social channels, it’s recommended to use social media management tools to schedule them to maximize engagement. 

You can even go live with your explainer videos like you’d do for real-time shopping videos. These videos can help you interact with your audience while you’re explaining the topic to them.

What’s more?

You could also shoot your videos such that the dimensions are appropriate for both short-form videos (usually portrait) and long-form ones (usually landscape). Similarly, if you’re using animation, you can create videos for both dimensions.

Then, using a digital marketing platform, you can easily publish these videos on multiple social media channels at once.

5. Mobile-friendly

Videos are inherently a mobile-friendly content format, and over 2.33 billion people currently use their smartphones to watch them. So, whenever you create an explainer video, your audience will be able to watch it through their mobile devices.

And that’s precisely why you should ensure that you’ve got both short-form and long-form videos. That’s because some mobile users may prefer to watch videos such as Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok videos

However, others might prefer long-form videos in the form of YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook videos. 

If your videos are edited well for mobiles, they’ll make an instant impact on your audience, and this could help you grow your presence on the platforms.

6. Start Conversations

Finally, one of the most important factors to consider here is that explainer videos are great conversation starters. They directly speak to your audience and are all about solving their problems. 

Additionally., if the video was recorded in a conversational and casual style, it will come across as genuine and generate more leads, which will increase its engagement. Along with the engagement, these videos will also make your audience feel that you’re building a relationship with them, and that could go a long way in establishing a loyal audience on social media.

Final Thoughts

Explainer videos are great tools for generating brand awareness and engagement on social media. But you must ensure that you get them right when you shoot and post-process them. Make sure you develop short-form and long-form versions to make the most out of your video-making efforts. 

So, get started with explainer video creation and take your social media presence to the next level.

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