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Wednesday, Jun 12th, 2024
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Finale Discussion: Romance Abound, Teddy’s Shocking Fate & More!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Finale Discussion: Romance Abound, Teddy’s Shocking Fate & More!

The supersized season finale of Grey’s had us on edge!

The romance was definitely in the air, and by the end of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 20, Teddy was coding on the floor, and the interns were caught in one hell of a mess.

Grey’s Anatomy round tablers, former TV Fanatic Meaghan Frey and Jasmine Blu, chatted about all the excitement of that finale and what they’d love to see in the next season. Join us!

Meredith made headway in her cure for Alzheimer’s. Do you think she should’ve played it safe and cautious or went full force ahead sharing her theory even if people think she’s crazy and it’s controversial?

Meaghan: I’ll be very honest; my eyes were rolling throughout the entire storyline. Of course, Mer is going to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Is there anything the woman can’t do?

Even when she’s left the show, she still continues to be treated like a god. I didn’t really understand why everyone felt like she needed to keep her theory a secret. I get that she contradicts all the existing research, but aren’t they funding her to do this specific research?

Did they just expect her to come to the same conclusions as everyone else? It seems like a waste of time and money if that’s what they wanted. It doesn’t hurt to share the theory as long as it’s made clear that it’s just that, a theory until she can do more research.

Jasmine: She’s the Sun, Meaghan! Did we expect any less from the Sun? I love that you and I can joke about how this series has always been too far up Mer’s derriere.

When they walked in on her buried in paperwork, muttering to herself, I did roll my eyes and laughed. It was a lot.

But I understood where Webber was coming from, and I got why he wanted her to tread lightly with what she was doing. Not to get all tinfoil conspiracy theorist, but I guess the way I see it, there’s a multi-billion dollar industry in being unable to cure certain things completely.

I can see where the fear lies in her introducing a groundbreaking theory that essentially undoes everything and every approach taken.

She’s a woman with a predisposition to Alzheimer’s as well, and it could be a little Mad Scientist on her end. I guess I don’t underestimate the ego of medicine and what we already feel like we know, the money angle of things, and how often and easily we write off women in the field and so forth.

Nick and Mer have officially made amends and are back together. React!

Meaghan: We all knew it was coming — and I personally was still against it by Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 18— but it was still great to see the two of them get out of their own way and reconcile.

I’m a huge Nick fan, and before they went and ruined it all, I was a huge fan of Mer and Nick together. Out of all the men they’ve tried to replace Derek with since his death, Mer’s connection to Nick has always felt most genuine.

From the moment we met Nick, I’ve been shipping them. Mer deserves a happy ending. I’m just wondering what this means for Nick’s future on the show. We need him to teach these residents!

Jasmine: OK, but how did it turn into Nick apologizing to Meredith? I swear I was scratching my head trying to figure out why he needed to make another grand declaration, and she barely had to do the same.

But alas, I digress. Besides that, I like Mer and Nick together, and I’m happy for them. They deserve to be happy, and I’m glad they’ve found that in each other.

I also wonder what all of this means. Ironically, I like Nick outside of Mer when he’s mentoring the interns, namely Lucas, and interacting with the other characters because he has a different, chill vibe than everyone else at Grey Sloan.

After all of this, I’d like to see if he’s still a recurring or guest-starring character. I’d hate to lose him altogether.

Maggie and Winston reunited yet appear content with their respective careers where they are. What are your thoughts on their open-ended relationship and Winston’s promotion to Chief of Cardio?

Meaghan: The chemistry between them was palpable in this episode; whether they loved each other was never the question. Leaving things up in the air between them may work now, given how focused they are on their careers, but eventually, one will meet someone else. I can’t help but wonder if they are delaying the inevitable.

Jasmine: OK, Maggie was looking GOOD. It was a welcome return after whatever that exit was during Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14.

Their chemistry was palpable, making me think about how enjoyable they are sometimes. They seemed cool, but you’re right; they’re delaying the inevitable at this point. I still don’t know what they were doing, messing with that pairing the way that they did only to get here.

On a scale of 1-10, how much are you enjoying the Mika and Helm relationship?

Meaghan: 10. After watching Helm pine away over Meredith in an obsessive fan-girl way for years, I’m glad she’s found a healthy relationship. This episode was so steamy, and Mika and Helm were no exception. Eventually, their work dynamic will cause problems, but I’m willing to forget that fact and enjoy them for now.

Jasmine: I’ll give it a solid 8. I’m thrilled that Helm has a personality of her own outside of that girl who had a crush on Meredith.

She and Mika are absolutely adorable together, from what we’ve seen. But I also need to see more of them. It’s like we keep catching their flirting but not much else, and I want a better idea of what kind of couple they can actually be instead of the giggly high school type of thing.

Discuss your reactions to Simone running away from her wedding, that steamy Lucas and Simone hookup, and where you think they go!

Meaghan: Finally, they finished what they started in that bedroom.

There was not a single Grey’s Anatomy fan who thought they were going through with the wedding. A small part of me wondered if they would switch things up a bit for the same drama, though. I’m glad they didn’t. The two of them deserve the chance to see where things can go between them without any obstacles in the way.

Jasmine: Hehehehehe! I wanted to be mad that he literally walked away in the middle of his shift, and they went into a dingy on-call room to have sex.

But it was a sweet and steamy scene, and they both looked so pretty, and I was just happy that we got our Lumone progress during Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 19, even if it started to get rocky by the second hour.

I just very much enjoy this pairing and both characters individually, so I’m happy that we didn’t get the wedding and that Simone came to her senses.

That said, I’m worried about what comes next. Simone isn’t above letting someone like Trey get into her head.

After everything he said about Lucas’ pedigree protecting him but how he could bring her down, we ended the finale with her choosing to side with him in their attempt to save Sam and it failing.

I’m worried they’ll have a rocky road ahead of them of push/pull, even though they know how they feel about each other. They didn’t escape this finale with any happily ever after vibe, just a different type of obstacle and new conflict.

How did you feel about that Jolink love confession in the rain?

Meaghan: I’m all for a good declaration of love in the rain.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous answers, none of these related developments were shocking, but they all feel earned. JoLink was a ship I never thought I would be on board with, but here I am.

The writers put in the work, Chris Carmack and Camilla Luddington, have natural chemistry. I haven’t always been Jo’s biggest fan, but the woman deserves happiness and to feel loved and supported. Dear writers, please, just let them be.

Jasmine: It was such a classic Grey’s love confession.

They were bringing all the rom-com quality. Interestingly, someone has to take that staple as the primary romantic pairing of the series, and Towen doesn’t cut it; they demolished Magston, Mernick is gone, and the interns haven’t earned all of that yet.

It leaves Jolink, and they’ve poured it all into them, and I constantly say that Chris Carmack oozes romantic lead, so it works. And it was overdue and good for them.

But I’m not going to lie; I was incredibly annoyed that their pagers and phones must not have been working because while they were making out in the rain, all hell was breaking loose in that OR!

Was Miranda Bailey the perfect person to win the Catherine Fox Foundation Award?

Meaghan: When Mer walked up to present the award, and Ben showed up, I knew they were giving it to her, and I couldn’t be happier. Bailey has never gotten the appreciation she deserves as a physician, and it was about time she got her flowers.

But I believe you mentioned in your review, Jasmine, that it felt odd not to include Addison, and I agree entirely.

There’s no doubt that Bailey has been doing incredible work in her fight to ensure women get the healthcare they deserve, but Addison is a huge part of that as well. I would’ve loved to see them both share that moment together after everything they’ve been through this season.

Jasmine: The cutest thing was how Bailey went from miffed that she wasn’t announcing as she planned to look around for the real recipient without realizing it was HER. She was so precious; I’m so glad Bailey got her flowers. She deserved them for so many damn things!

But it was just so odd that Addison wasn’t even acknowledged. It’s like they wanted to wrap up the arc with Bailey, Addy, and women’s healthcare, and it made it “worth it” after all the doxxing and pain, but it didn’t feel right that they didn’t acknowledge Addison at all.

I was so happy for Bailey, though, and she and Ben were such a power couple as he just got the Medal of Valor on Station 19 Season 6 Episode 18. I just love their love, their accomplishments, all of it.

What was your favorite of the Blue/Kwan-centered storylines from the finale? Do you think there’s a future for him and Jules?

Meaghan: Blue is fighting for the boy and his mother. It showed us so much about his character. It reminded me of storylines during the series’ first few seasons where Alex would let down his hard exterior and show his true colors. He and Jules stand a chance, but it won’t be easy. They both have walls up and will have to chip away at them slowly.

Jasmine: Blue is definitely the Alex of this MAGYK.

He’s the intern who has had the least amount of screentime and consistency all season, but he’s also had the most growth when he’s shown, which doesn’t seem like it should be plausible, but it is.

And he absolutely slayed this entire finale. From his advocation with the boy and his mother one minute to how passionate he was about Maxine in the next, he got some truly great content, and Harry Shum Jr was awesome, with these back-to-back episodes being Blue’s strongest yet.

I loved the importance of his advocating for the son and mother because it shows you how all these systems, criminal, medical, or a combination of the two, can further disenfranchise.

When you sit and think of the ramifications of that case had he not been there, it’s enraging, and that could’ve changed the trajectory of that mother and son’s life forever.

But I did cringe over how they essentially used the “Greater good” argument with Blue defying Max’s DNR and DNI because it worked out in the end. Regardless of the good intentions, we can’t keep glorifying that sort of thing.

Do you think Webber has really relapsed?

Meaghan: No, but that might just be wishful thinking. We’ve already gone down this road with Richard; I’m not ready to head down again. The only good thing to come out of this was Bailey swatting the drink out of his hand on the plane. I could not stop laughing. It was comedic perfection.

Jasmine: I don’t want to believe he relapsed because I can’t fathom them repeating this storyline with him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. I’m not happy about this development.

But Bailey slapping that drink out of his hand was top-tier entertainment. That entire plane sequence had me giggling, from Winston’s pettiness and digs at Amelia (the quote about the sisters being single made me snort), stoned Catherine, drink slap, and Nick being so damn chill the whole time. I was cackling.

On a scale of 1-10, how shocking was that cliffhanger? What are your Teddy predictions, and do you think Sam survived?

Meaghan: 8. Once Teddy started complaining about her tooth, I knew something was coming, but I didn’t expect it would end up with her dying on the floor. I don’t think she will die, but it caught me off guard at the moment.

Sam’s future doesn’t look so bright right now, but it would be a huge win for Simone and Lucas if they did actually manage to save his life. If he survives, it will also go a long way in keeping them out of trouble.

Jasmine: I can agree with that 8. The second time she mentioned her tooth, I had a feeling something would happen, but I still didn’t anticipate THAT! And it was incredibly shocking to see them trying to resuscitate her right in the OR like that.

At least we know Kim Raver is returning next season, though, so it wasn’t too much of a nail-biter.

It looked like the absolute worst for Sam’s fate; he even had a kid named after him already. But I hope some miracle got pulled off for the interns’ sake.

What was your favorite storyline, moment, etc., from the finale?

Meaghan: I loved the moment between Maxine and Blue when she told him about her coworker who was the victim of domestic violence that she never spoke up about.

Maxine has been one of my favorite additions to the series, and every time we see her, she becomes more layered. I’ve been the first to complain about how overcrowded the series is, but I wouldn’t be mad if they made her a series regular and have her start volunteering at the hospital.

Jasmine: The plane shenanigans were pure entertainment for me. I definitely feel like Blue did a lot of the quietly great work during this finale and managed to stand out because of it with all of his moments.

Jules’ way of expressing her love for Blue was such a great moment, and I appreciate how they’re doing something different with that pairing that’s refreshing, careful, thoughtful, and almost more mature, for lack of a better word.

How would you grade the finale? How would you grade the season?

Meaghan: I’d give the finale a B+.

It was the perfect end to a season that has finally revitalized Grey’s Anatomy. It was a better finale for the interns than for the older cast, but I don’t mind one bit. My only complaint is that some things felt too open-ended.

For instance, I wish we had a scene of Mer asking Nick to move to Boston. With Ellen officially done as a series regular, I don’t love the idea of any of her storylines still being up in the air come next season. Or Winston and Maggie need to come to an actual conclusion about their relationship.

Kelly is no longer on the series, so I almost would’ve preferred them to decide to divorce, but amicably. Not every storyline can be wrapped up, but we can’t leave them all open.

Overall this season gets an A from me. This has been the first time in a very long time that I’m actually excited about the series. The interns have breathed new life into the series. For the first time, the writers are embracing the future of the series rather than trying to hold on to its past.

Jasmine: You’ve honestly said it all about how great this series has been this season. The interns have genuinely been a breath of fresh air and have succeeded at carrying the mantle of this series. I look forward to their scenes more than anything.

With Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, it  has felt less like my going through the motions watching out of habit and more like me genuinely being excited about what came next.

The finale was incredibly strong, albeit a bit busy. I could’ve made some tweaks with some of the storylines, but overall, I was OK with everything they managed to squeeze in, and it didn’t feel like it meandered or anything like that.

What would you like to see next season? Do you have any predictions?

Meaghan: Next season, I’d love to see a continued focus on the interns.

As we see with Richard, the older characters have already gone through almost every storyline imaginable, and it now feels like we are just rehashing old ones. With the interns, there is a chance to explore so much new material and old storylines with a contemporary twist.

Hopefully, they will continue their approach to current issues impacting the world, like the women’s healthcare crisis. They found the right balance this season and could address them without becoming a PSA.

Also, please, throw all the money at Kate Walsh and bring back Addison Montgomery full-time. She was such a standout this season, and we need more of her.

Jasmine: YES! More of the interns! I look forward to continuing to peel back the layers of these new characters who I already love.

We need to meet Lucas’ mother and learn which Shepherd’s sister she is. I’d love to meet some of Mika’s sisters or something, watch Jules and Blue continue to knock down their respective walls, and even interact with the other interns more, as they tend to feel the most isolated.

If you’ve been following along with the Grey’s Anatomy Reviews, you’ll know how much I’ve been gushing about the newbies. They’re rich with possibilities, and yes, they get to introduce new storylines and plots or reconfigure older ones and put a newer or more modern spin on things. I’m all-in with Grey’s: The Next Class.

I definitely would love more Kate Walsh, anything and everything. I want Nick to have a presence still. Teddy needs to be OK because she’s truly in her element as chief. Building on what they’ve done this season is honestly what would work for me.

Over to you, Grey’s Fanatics.

Meaghan and I enjoyed chatting about the season finale, but it’s now your turn.

Hit the comments below with all of your thoughts about it.

And, as always, if you need to catch on the series, you can watch Grey’s Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic and check out our Grey’s Anatomy Round Tables too.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. She is an insomniac who spends late nights and early mornings binge-watching way too many shows and binge-drinking way too much tea. Her eclectic taste makes her an unpredictable viewer with an appreciation for complex characters, diverse representation, dynamic duos, compelling stories, and guilty pleasures. You’ll definitely find her obsessively live-tweeting, waxing poetic, and chatting up fellow Fanatics and readers. Follow her on Twitter.

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