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Thursday, Feb 29th, 2024
HomeEntertaintmentBeyoncé Surprises Fans at ‘Renaissance’ Event in Brazil – The Hollywood Reporter

Beyoncé Surprises Fans at ‘Renaissance’ Event in Brazil – The Hollywood Reporter

Beyoncé Surprises Fans at ‘Renaissance’ Event in Brazil – The Hollywood Reporter

Beyoncé made many of her fans’ days in Brazil when she made a surprise appearance at a special event for her Renaissance concert film.

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé premiered in Brazil on Thursday and to celebrate its release, the superstar stopped by a convention center in Salvador, Bahia, where a “Club Renaissance” party was being held following a screening. As Beyoncé made her way onto the stage, shocking thousands of fans, they could be heard cheering and screaming in videos shared on social media.

“Brazil, I love you so much,” she can be heard saying to the crowd. “I came because I love you so much. … It was very important to be here, right here.”

Beyoncé also attempted to do the mute challenge, where the audience is supposed to get quiet when she says, “Look around, everybody on mute,” but fans appeared to be too excited about seeing Queen Bey” herself.

Following the event, the singer’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure also took to Instagram to share photos of Beyoncé stunning in a silver sequined dress, adding in the caption, “Move out the way when the queen touches down in Bahia, Brazil!! what a time! Thank you Brazil.”

Before the event, the “Cuff It” singer teased fans by posting a photo of a private jet with her Renaissance silver horse peeking its head out the door on her Instagram Story, as well as changing her location on her social media profile to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Earlier this week, Beyoncé revealed to fans that “the renaissance is not over,” and her concert film tour was being extended to 15 additional countries, including Brazil.

The announcement came after the singer attended the Los Angeles premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé at a star-studded event in Beverly Hills at the end of November. A few days later, she had the London premiere, which saw Taylor Swift also in attendance.

The concert movie was officially released in the U.S. on Dec. 1.

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