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Saturday, Jul 13th, 2024
HomeVideoAndrew Tate Accused of Rape by 4 Women Who Plan to Sue: ‘Suffering Immensely’

Andrew Tate Accused of Rape by 4 Women Who Plan to Sue: ‘Suffering Immensely’

Andrew Tate Accused of Rape by 4 Women Who Plan to Sue: ‘Suffering Immensely’

Influencer Andrew Tate has been accused of more horrific sex crimes. Four women in the United Kingdom reportedly plan to sue the internet personality for sexual assault, including rape.

Jennifer Sayles, who represents the women, described Tate’s latest accusers as “suffering immensely” and told the Sunday Times, “They have bouts of depression and anxiety. Constant feelings of being overwhelmed. It is just traumatizing every time Tate crops up in their lives — he is everywhere.”

The four anonymous women are between the ages of 28 and 31 and met Tate at different points in their lives. Two of the women, identified by the Times with the names “Helen” and “Sally,” worked for Tate’s webcam business. Sally also claims to have witnessed Tate raping Helen. Both women have accused Tate of choking them violently until blood vessels in their eyes burst, as did another woman identified as “Evie.”

Another woman, who goes by the name “Amelia,” was in a relationship with Tate in 2013. She has accused Tate of raping her weeks into the relationship and of texting her “I love raping you.” The fourth woman, “Evie,” said that she was having consensual sex with Tate when he began to choke her until she passed out and the blood vessels in one of her eyes popped.

Three of the women — Helen, Amelia and Sally — reported the rapes to the police, who launched an investigation as Tate was allowed to travel to Romania. He is currently being held in the country on charges of human trafficking and sexual assault. The U.K. authorities decided not to pursue criminal charges against Tate in 2019.

The Sunday Times reports that Tate has denied the allegations and plans to sue the women for defamation.

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