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Friday, Apr 19th, 2024
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Ahead of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on iTunes Is a Gerard Butler Original

Ahead of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on iTunes Is a Gerard Butler Original

“The Lost City” reaches #1 on iTunes, and on Google Play. Top among new releases is another take on the “Taken” trope.

Any home viewing for “Top Gun: Maverick” (Paramount) could be as late as after Labor Day, but it’s already #6 at iTunes thanks to PVOD pre-buys. And at #5 on iTunes is the week’s top new PVOD release, “Last Seen Alive” (Vertical/$19.99), which also had a single theatrical date this week. Another take on the “Taken” trope, Gerard Butler stars as a husband trying to find his estranged wife while battling local criminals.

Butler has been a theatrical draw, but what’s of note is unlike many VOD-centric action originals released by Vertical and others, this one found an elevated response at a PVOD price and with minimal marketing. It’s also #3 at Vudu (Google Play reporting lags, as usual), and it’s another example of the often-eccentric universe that creates the home-viewing charts.

This week also saw the reduced-price “The Lost City” (Paramount/$5.99) at #1 on both Google Play and iTunes (which rank by sales activity, not revenue) while also streaming at Paramount +. On the revenue-driven Vudu, the chart where more-expensive PVOD titles often thrive, the #1 title is “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” (Warner Bros./$19.99), which is also on HBO Max. Vudu ranks “City” at #7.

Along with “The Lost City” and “Dumbledore,” there’s four more titles on all three charts we track: the original “Top Gun” (Paramount/$3.99), which is as high as #2 at iTunes, along with “Uncharted” (Sony/$5.99), “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (Paramount/$19.99, also streaming), and “The Bad Guys” (Universal/$19.99).

Next week will bring “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (A24) and “Downton Abbey” as well as Nicolas Cage’s “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” (Lionsgate), all of which will list at $19.99.

“Father Stu”

Also new this week is “Father Stu” (Sony/$19.99), the faith-based boxing biopic starring and produced by Mark Wahlberg. It placed as high as #5 at Vudu among its two charts.

Netflix’s big-ticket item this weekend was the theatrical release of Adam Sandler’s well-received “Hustle.” The streamer released no grosses, as usual, but theater spot-checking showed little interest. It will debut on the Netflix chart this week, likely at #1. “Interceptor,” another original, is #1 for now. It stars “Fast and Furious” veteran Elsa Pataky as an Army captain in charge of a military base under threat.

No other new Netflix originals placed and last week’s #1, “Top Gun,” is no longer available on the site. (It is a Paramount+ title and on all VOD platforms). However, Paramount did contract with Netflix to play “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.” At #7, it is one of several well-known studio films placing this week. These include “The Amazing Spider-Man” (#2), “Anchorman” (#4), “Dumb and Dumber” (#6), and “The Hurt Locker” (#9).

iTunes and Google Play rank films daily by number of transactions. These are the listings for June 6. Distributors listed are current rights owners.


1. The Lost City (Paramount) – $5.99

2. Top Gun (Paramount) – $3.99

3. Uncharted (Sony) – $5.99

4. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (Warner Bros.) – $19.99

5. Last Seen Alive (Vertical) – $19.99

6. Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount) – $19.99 (pre-buy)

7. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony) – $5.99

8. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Paramount) – $19.99

9. Father Stu (Sony) – $19.99

10. The Bad Guys (Universal) – $19.99


Google Play

1. The Lost City (Paramount) – $5.99

2. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony) – $5.99

3. Uncharted (Sony) – $5.99

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Paramount) – $5.99

5. The Bad Guys (Universal) – $19.99

6. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (Warner Bros.) – $19.99

7. Morbius (Sony) – $19.99

8. Top Gun (Paramount) – $3.99

9. The Northman (Focus) – $19.99

10. Dog (United Artists) – $5.99



Vudu ranks by revenue, not transactions, which elevates Premium VOD titles. This list covers May 30 – June 5

1. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (Warner Bros.) – $19.99

2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Paramount) – $19.99

3. Last Seen Alive (Vertical) – $19.99

4. The Bad Guys (Universal) – $19.99

5. Father Stu (Sony) – $19.99

6. Morbius (Sony) – $19.99

7. The Lost City (Paramount) – $5.99

8. The Northman (Focus) – $19.99

9. Uncharted (Sony) – $5.99

10. Top Gun (Paramount) – $3.99


Netflix Movies

Most viewed, current ranking on Netflix’s daily chart on Monday, June 6; originals include both Netflix-produced and -acquired titles it initially presents in the U.S. Netflix publishes its own weekly top 10 on Tuesdays based on time viewed.

1. Interceptor (2022 Netflix original)

2. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 theatrical release)

3. We Die Young (2019 VOD release)

4. Anchorman (2004 theatrical release)

5. Disappearance at Clifton Hill (2020 theatrical release)

6. Dumb and Dumber (1994 theatrical release)

7. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (2011 theatrical release)

8. Senior Year (2022 Netflix original)

9. The Hurt Locker (2009 theatrical release)

10. Perfect Pairing (2022 Netflix original)

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