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Monday, Sep 25th, 2023
HomeVideoYouTube Music now suggests your favorite speaker for playback
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YouTube Music now suggests your favorite speaker for playback

YouTube Music will now attempt to suggest which of your Cast-enabled speakers you want to stream music to. It’s a nice upgrade over the previous approach, where the app would simply list all of the Cast-enabled devices on your network in alphabetical order. If you’re anything like us, that could mean having to hunt through a list of half a dozen speakers, even if there’s only one you use on a regular basis.

Now, ChromeUnboxed has spotted that attempting to Cast from the YouTube Music app will bring up a new menu, with a “Suggested” device highlighted above the standard alphabetical list. Google spokesperson Paul Pennington confirmed the new feature in an email to The Verge, and said that suggestions are based upon usage, history, and the type of device.

The feature, which is specific to YouTube Music, has now rolled out to all users of the app on iOS and Android. Just be aware that you have to be a YouTube Music subscriber to be able to cast music from the app to an external device, unless it’s music you’ve uploaded yourself.

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