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Wednesday, Jun 19th, 2024
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Your Ultimate Guide to Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and More in June 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and More in June 2022

The Boys are back in town. Season 3 of the Prime Video hit premiered June 3, leading the way for a month that should keep you glued to your screen when you’re not out enjoying the summer sunlight. TV Guide favorites For All Mankind (on Apple TV+) and Evil (on Paramount+) return for their third seasons on June 10 and 12, respectively, and The Umbrella Academy Season 3 hits Netflix on June 22. Big month for third seasons!

Our guide for what to watch in June is divided into three sections. First, we’ll go over the shows and movies we’re most excited to see no matter where you’ll find them on TV. After that, we’ll look at all the big streaming services individually to help you find out what to watch on the apps you already subscribe to. And finally, we’ll put all the month’s highlights together in an easy-to-read calendar so you won’t miss a premiere. 

The Movies and Shows We’re Most Excited for in June

Mike Colter, Katja Herbers, and Aasif Mandvi, Evil

Elizabeth Fisher/CBS 2021Paramount+ Inc.

The Boys (June 3, Prime Video)

Prime Video’s most expensive show (in terms of fake blood budget) is also one of its most popular, and Season 3 is a full-on downpour of the ooey, gooey, red stuff. Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles joins the cast as Soldier Boy, and the most creatively disgusting superhero death you’ll ever see happens early on. And that’s all before we see the legendary Herogasm issue hit the screen. Here’s everything we know about Season 3. –Tim Surette [Trailer]

Fire Island (June 3, Hulu)

Ten years ago a gay rom-com with Asian male leads would have been a pipe dream. Thank god for progress, because now we have the Hulu original Fire Island, a charming film about a trip to New York’s legendary party destination for gay men. Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster star as buddies who feel out of place on a week-long summer vacation and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Critics love it. –Tim Surette [Trailer]     

Irma Vep (June 6, HBO)

Try to stay with me as I describe the deal with Irma Vep, which is a limited series adaptation of Olivier Assayas‘s 1996 movie of the same name, which itself is about remaking Louis Feuillade’s 1915 silent film series Les Vampires. Once you process that, it’s pretty easy to understand. In the series, Alicia Vikander takes the mantle from Maggie Cheung as the disillusioned actress starring in the Les Vampires remake. The line between what separates TV and movies continues to blur every day, but this looks great. –Allison Picurro [Trailer]

For All Mankind (June 10, Apple TV+)

We’re going to Mars, baby! Apple’s excellent alternative history sci-fi series about the never-ending space race moves to the 1990s in Season 3, where the next small step for man is to drop a boot on the Red Planet. But this time it’s not just Russia vs. America; private enterprise has entered the mix. This is looking less and less like alternate history, which is one of the things that makes this season so great. –Tim Surette [Trailer]

Evil (June 12, Paramount+)

It isn’t summer until someone’s possessed. The coolest show on TV — and definitely the only one with a sleep demon that wears a retainer — is back for more trippy cases, creative exorcisms, and lusting over a priest. Season 3 of Evil picks up in the aftermath of last season’s stunning forbidden kiss between Kristen (Katja Herbers), hot off a murder confession, and David (Mike Colter), newly ordained. –Kelly Connolly [Trailer]     

The Umbrella Academy (June 22, Netflix)

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy left off on a major cliffhanger when the gang time-traveled from the ’60s back to an alternate version of 2019 in which Hargreeves (Colm Feore) had trained seven different superpowered babies into becoming the Sparrow Academy. In Season 3, the series is picking up right where it left off, and the Umbrellas will have to deal with the apocalyptic event potentially caused by their timeline jumping. –Allison Picurro [Trailer]

Westworld (June 26, HBO)

Your guess is as good as mine about what kind of Westworld we’ll get in Season 4. When we last saw the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy sci-fi series (which dropped Season 3 right as the pandemic began), the Western theme park was mostly abandoned as the robots leaked out into the real world. We don’t know much about Season 4 except that we’ll probably be just as confused as we were in Season 3. –Tim Surette [Trailer]

Only Murders in the Building (June 28, Hulu)

The show that appeals to the microscopic center of the Venn diagram that covers fans of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez returns. This season, the true crime-loving nosey neighbors become implicated in a murder, compete with a rival podcast, and must roam their apartment building with accusatory eyes on them. Relatable! –Tim Surette [Trailer]       

The Best Shows and Movies in June by Streaming Service: Amazon, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and More

Renate Reinsve, The Worst Person in the World

Renate Reinsve, The Worst Person in the World

Hulu’s Best New Shows and Movies in June

June is going to be awfully good to Hulu. After a relatively mellow May, Hulu is breaking the dam on its streaming, with a few high-profile original series — The Orville: New HorizonsLove, Victor; and Only Murders in the Building — as well as the original movie Fire Island, and one of 2021’s best films, the Norwegian dark comedy The Worst Person in the World. It’s also benefitting from some next-day drops from other networks, like FX’s The Old Man and The Bear and Freeform’s final season of Motherland: Fort Salem. June also marks the return to streaming of pop culture sensation Glee, which moves to Hulu after leaving Netflix last year. Here’s our list of the best shows and movies on Hulu in June, plus everything coming to Hulu in June.

More on Hulu

Jeffrey Wright, Westworld

Jeffrey Wright, Westworld


HBO and HBO Max’s Best New Shows and Movies in June

The most high-profile thing happening on HBO and HBO Max in June is the return of Westworld, which last aired in 2020 despite kind of feeling like it’s been away for even longer. Season 4 doesn’t kick off until June 24, but there are plenty of other new shows and movies to keep things interesting until then. Irma Vep, which stars Alicia Vikander as a disillusioned actress with a new gig, a new season of the funny and vibrant animated series Tuca & Bertie, and one of 2021’s most interesting movies, Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter, all come this month. June also sees the premiere of two documentaries: the timely abortion film The Janes and Morgan Neville’s Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain. Here’s our list of the best shows and movies on HBO and HBO Max in June, plus everything coming to HBO and HBO Max in June.

More on HBO and HBO Max:

A.J. Carmichael, The Umbrella Academy

A.J. Carmichael, The Umbrella Academy


Netflix’s Best New Shows and Movies in June

If we’re being honest, the June Netflix lineup is kind of a snooze. The most exciting new release doesn’t even come until the end of the month when The Umbrella Academy drops its third season. Still, Netflix never slows down its release schedule, which means there are plenty of new movies and TV shows to watch in June. Adam Sandler, still in his serious actor era, kicks off the month with his basketball drama Hustle. There’s also the teen lesbian vampire series First Kill and a new season of Peaky Blinders. Plus, 12 (!) new comedy specials, if you’re into that. Here’s our list of the best shows and movies on Netflix in June, plus everything coming to Netflix in June

More on Netflix:

Antony Starr, The Boys

Antony Starr, The Boys

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s Best New Shows and Movies in June

This June on Amazon Prime Video is for the boys. The Boys, specifically — Prime Video’s twisted superhero series starring Antony Starr as Homelander, the meanest cape-wearing S.O.B. you’ll ever see laser-eye bad guys (and some good guys) in half. Season 3 is here to save the day on June 3. I don’t even think James Bond would stand a chance against Homelander, but you can see Bond’s audition to do so in the streaming debut of No Time to Die (June 10), the newest Bond movie that came out in late 2021. It’s a double-O good time. Elsewhere, the complete series of Will & Grace, the original Top Gun, and a live-stream of the Tony Awards also come in the first half of the month. For those of you looking to save a few bucks, Amazon’s ad-supported free streaming service Freevee adds every season of the spy thriller Alias, the home reno show Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis, and both Deadpool movies. Here’s our list of the best shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video in June, plus everything coming to Prime Video in June.

More on Amazon:

For All Mankind

For All Mankind

Apple TV+

The Best New Shows and Movies Everywhere Else in June

We’ve already talked about the third seasons of Apple TV+’s For All Mankind and Paramount+’s Evil up above, but June is massive for even more shows that aren’t on the big streamers. One of the best-reviewed shows of the year is Ben Whishaw’s medical dramedy This Is Going to Hurt, which comes to America via AMC+ and Sundance Now starting June 2. Apple’s other highlights include Rose Byrne’s flexible performance as an antihero in the aerobics drama Physical (June 3) and Maya Rudolph as a clueless rich person in the new comedy Loot (June 24). Starz’s strip club drama P-Valley returns for Season 2 on June 3, and on the opposite side of the spectrum is Disney’s big release of the month, Ms. Marvel (June 8). And TNT will say goodbye to its long-running crime drama Animal Kingdom, which signs off after six seasons on June 19.

More on Apple TV+, Peacock, Disney+, and Paramount+:

June TV Calendar Highlights

Thursday, June 2
The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 (Hulu)
Borgen Season 4 (Netflix)
This is Going to Hurt Season 1 (AMC+/Sundance Now)

Friday, June 3
The Boys Season 3 (Prime Video)
Fire Island (Hulu)
The Floor is Lava Season 2 (Netflix)
P-Valley Season 2 (Starz)
Physical Season 2 (Apple TV+)

Monday, June 6
Irma Vep Season 1 (HBO)

Wednesday, June 8
The Janes (HBO)
Ms. Marvel Season 1 (Disney+)

Friday, June 10
For All Mankind Season 3 (Apple TV+)
First Kill Season 1 (Netflix)
Peaky Blinders Season 6 (Netflix)

Sunday, June 12
Evil Season 3 (Paramount+)
Dark Winds Season 1 (AMC)
Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 (Starz)

Monday, June 13
The Worst Person in the World (Hulu)

Thursday, June 16
Rutherford Falls Season 2 (Peacock)
Players Season 1 (Paramount+)
The Old Man Season 1 (FX)

Friday, June 17
Spiderhead (Netflix)
Jerry and Marge Go Large (Paramount+)
Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (Hulu)
The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 1 (Prime Video)

Sunday, June 19
Animal Kingdom Season 6 (TNT)

Wednesday, June 22
The Umbrella Academy Season 3 (Netflix)

Friday, June 24
Chloe Season 1 (Prime Video)
Loot Season 1 (Apple TV+)
The Man From Toronto (Netflix)
Man vs. Bee Season 1 (Netflix)
Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Season 1 (Netflix)

Sunday, June 26
Westworld Season 4 (HBO)
The Chi Season 5 (Showtime)

Tuesday, June 28 
Only Murders in the Building Season 2 (Hulu)

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