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Monday, Jul 22nd, 2024
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Who is Eirik Jensen from Netflix’s Mr Good: Cop or Crook?

Who is Eirik Jensen from Netflix’s Mr Good: Cop or Crook?

THE NEW Netflix docuseries Mr Good: Cop or Crook premieres on June 3, 2022.

The show features the notorious Scandinavian cop and convicted drug trafficker, Eirik Jensen, who plays himself.


Eirik Jensen was convicted in 2017 on drug smuggling and corruption chargesCredit: NETFLIX

Who is Eirik Jensen?

Eirik Jensen joined the police force in 1977 and was quickly promoted to superintendent, overseeing the crimes division.

He had a reputation as the best officer in Oslo, Norway, and had been a police officer for 30 years when he was accused of drug trafficking in 2013.

He was accused of smuggling hashish between 2003 and 2012 and prosecutors claimed that Jensen had taken bribes and aided drug smugglers.

Jensen vehemently denied the accusations against him and left the force a year later.

He officially retired in 2016, shortly after he was indicted for drug trafficking and corruption.

In 2017, Jensen was tried and convicted on all charges, becoming the first high-profile case involving a police officer in Norway.

Reuters reported that the court found Jensen received at least 667,800 kroner, or approximately $70,744, in bribes for him to smuggle tonnes of hashish into the country.

He was given the maximum prison sentence of 21 years, and when reading the verdict, Oslo District Court Judge Kim Heger said, “This case is unique in Norwegian legal history.

“Jensen has actively and deliberately contributed to a well-organized and extensive import of hashish.”

Jensen’s attorney John Christian Elden told reporters, “We lost the battle, but we hope to win the war,” adding, “There will be an appeal.”

They did appeal the conviction, but in 2020 Jensen was still found guilty of all charges and his sentence was reimposed without the option for another appeal.

Eirik Jensen joined the police force in 1977


Eirik Jensen joined the police force in 1977Credit: Audun Fjeldheim / Netflix

Where is he now?

Jensen, now 64 years old, is serving his 21-year sentence at Kongsvinger Prison in Norway and since his conviction, he has penned an autobiography.

The book was published in 2015 and is titled På innsiden, which translates to On the Inside.

He wrote and published his second book, a crime novel titled Attentatet (The Assassination), a year later.

Jensen will now appear as himself in the new Netflix four-part docuseries, Mr Good: Cop or Crook which airs on June 3, 2022.

The series will look into the crimes for which Jensen was convicted and delve into his story.

“The story of Eirik Jensen has fascinated the Norwegian population for many years,” Producer Bendik Mondal told The Sun.

He added, “We believe that this story deserves to be told with a broad framework, and we are very excited to partner with Netflix.

This series is a portrait of a man as well as an insight into one of the most talked-about criminal cases in Norway in recent times.”

Where can I watch Mr Good: Cop or Crook?

The docuseries Mr Good: Cop or Crook airs exclusively on Netflix on June 3, 2022.

The Netflix synopsis says viewers will be gripped by the question plaguing Norway since 2013. “Is Eirik Jensen the best policeman in Norwegian history or is he in fact the biggest drug trafficker Scandinavia has ever seen?”

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It adds, “With unique access to both Eirik Jensen, this doc series features charismatic, colorful characters and tells their unbelievable story from their first encounter in the 90s to their potential downfall in the courtroom in 2020.

“Viewers will be wondering until the end – who is telling the truth?”

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