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Monday, Jul 22nd, 2024
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Tokischa: “Daddy” [ft. Sexyy Red] Track Review

Tokischa: “Daddy” [ft. Sexyy Red] Track Review

On “Daddy,” two of music’s most provocative and sexually liberated artists—Tokischa, the Dominican dembow olympian, and Sexyy Red, the St. Louis rap dynamo—assert their dominance over a carefree take on ballroom and dembow. Atop a sludgy bassline and chintzy keys, Tokischa delivers bratty bars about illicit substances and juggling sugar babies—tales of tricking from an artist who’s really been about that life. It’s silly and queer-friendly, with refurbished bars about getting high and kinky, but it’s devoid of the delicious one-liners Tokischa and Sexyy Red both cut their teeth on. When Sexyy boasts, “I’m a bad puta, drive chicos loco,” for example, she sounds like a novice Spanish speaker who just learned a new cuss word. The wacky music video is cute, and sure to send the Internet ablaze, but Toki’s umpteenth collaborative single this year proves that she’s better off pouring her energy into a full-length album than prosthetic antics.

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