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Wednesday, Jun 12th, 2024
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Shahid Kapoor Recalls What Dad Pankaj Kapur Said About His Cute Image In Films

Shahid Kapoor Recalls What Dad Pankaj Kapur Said About His Cute Image In Films

Shahid Kapoor will next be seen in Bloody Daddy. (Credits : Instagram)

Shahid Kapoor, who made his debut with Ishq Vishq in 2003, recently completed 20 years in Indian cinema.

It has been 20 years since Shahid Kapoor entered the film industry with Ishq Vishq in 2003. In the pursuit of excellence, Shahid Kapoor has shed his boy-next-door image and is delving into uncharted territories to explore his potential. Collaborating with renowned filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar for his upcoming project, Bloody Daddy, Shahid is set to redefine his on-screen persona once again. The film, produced by Jio Cinema, promises to showcase Shahid Kapoor’s exceptional acting prowess in a role that will undoubtedly leave audiences spellbound.

With each project, Shahid Kapoor continues to challenge himself, opting for unconventional narratives and characters that push him beyond his comfort zone. Highlighting the same, Shahid Kapoor during a conversation with Pinkvilla shared the best advice on acting he received from his father, the veteran actor-director Pankaj Kapur. Recalling his dad’s insightful words, Shahid Kapoor described how Pankaj Kapur had instilled in him the belief that his true potential as an actor would eventually unleash the star within.

“You know, my father said: ‘You are now doing these ‘hero’ roles with beautiful heroines, you are cute and charming – like the boy-next-door. And it is bringing you popularity. But, there is an actor inside you. And when you give a good performance or even a good scene someday, you will feel like the lion who tasted blood for the first time. After that, you won’t be satisfied with anything lesser,’” Shahid Kapoor said.

Further, the actor expressed his perspective on stardom and the path that has led him to where he stands today in his career. He emphasised that while external popularity and admiration from others may be gratifying, true fulfilment comes from internal happiness, growth, and evolution as an artist. For Shahid Kapoor, the journey of creatively engaging, constantly growing, and improving is the essence of becoming a true professional and eventually leaving a legendary mark.

He further revealed why he now picks great characters, impactful movies, and memorable scenes to perform. “That is the more enriching, more long-lasting, and more respectable journey. And that is just what I always choose. I will always chase great characters, great movies, great scenes, great moments that touched me, and visuals that I can’t forget 20 years later because they were just so brilliant regardless of where the technology is,” he said adding that is what true cinema means for him.

Shahid Kapoor and his father Pankaj Kapur, both have had the opportunity to share the screen in a few notable films. The two appeared in films like Mausam and Shaandaar. Meanwhile, Shahid was last seen with Raashii Khanna in Farzi, a project created by Raj and DK.

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