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Reboot Episode 1 Recap: Step Right Up

Sharp-witted jokes, plenty of awkward situations and unexpected plot twists. Everything we have been waiting for so long! Viewers should get ready for a reboot of an old TV show. The creator of the ‘Reboot’, Steven Levitan, shows us the underside of the creating process of TV industry.

It feels like we’re on the set of a reality show. And this feeling stays with us through the entire TV series. What plot twists are awaiting us? Let’s dive into a detailed description of the first episode, entitled ‘Step Right Up’.

Courtesy of Hulu


The first main, characters of this series you meet, is Hannah (Rachel Bloom). She’s ambitious and fully qualified to receive this job – at first glance. But this is far from the truth – she’s nervous and sweats profusely (sounds very familiar) and isn’t sure why she’s here. And that’s why her decision surprises the bosses of Hulu even more.

Courtesy of Hulu

Hannah desperately wants to reboot the old show ‘Step Right Up‘, and even with the original cast. But why is she so eager to do this? She definitely has her reasons for this and she intends to achieve them, no matter what. Even if it means getting over her principles and fears. But will it be so easy to find the original cast, have they not changed at all? The answer is obvious – they have changed, that’s for sure.


The old show was cancelled when Reed Sterling (Keegan-Michael Key) left to pursue a film career. But, for some reason, there is no trace of any film or TV show, in which he starred. Elaine Kim (Krista Marie Yu), the new VP of Comedy, found a short video with Reed from an audition. He looks like a gangster from some shitty movie (clearly, not the most presentable look). But what about other cast members?

Zack Jackson (Calum Worthy) starred in a string of straight-to-video teen movies it seems that he’s stuck forever in the image of a little boy. Bree Marie Jensen (Judy Greer) did a season on a low budget sci-fi cable show (so creepy experience). And after that she left Hollywood and married the Duke. And, finally, Clay Barber (Johnny Knoxville), who had some huge substance abuse issue and a not so successful career as a stand-up comic. It doesn’t look so bad or…?

Courtesy of Hulu

Anyway, Hulu’s management has given Hannah the green light to reboot an old TV show. The actors from the original cast had no hesitation about agreeing to act in the new show. Most importantly, Reed is ready to return to this role again. And now they’re all meeting again in Hollywood.

And it seems that they’re really happy to see each other. But there’s a small problem between Bree and Reed. They had an off-screen relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well.

But anyway, all of them are inspired by the new script. And they’re just waiting for shooting to begin. It would seem that nothing can prevent Hannah’s plans to reboot an old TV show. But is it so?


Courtesy of Hulu

Suddenly Hannah announces that she’s leaving the show (they hasn’t even started filming yet) and just can’t stand IT! The cast is surprised by this decision. But what made the new showrunner so mad? And the thing is that Hulu bosses don’t really believe in young talent. So they decided to invite the original creator of the series – Gordon (Paul Reiser).

What a twist plot (but it doesn’t end there)! And, of course, the original creator brings all his signature style back to this show: old, hackneyed jokes and set-up/punchline script. When the cast sees Gordon again, not everyone is excited about it, especially Reed.

Courtesy of Hulu

Gordon gives them an ultimatum – either they stay in the show or they leave. This is his show and he can make such decisions. And if they are against it, then he’ll simply return to his wonderful life. Again, the plot of the series turns in a cardinal direction – Reed decides to express the general opinion of the team (he thinks so).

He portrays his scene from his audition to Gordon and just simply says him to back off. The cast is in shock and just doesn’t understand what happened. They all admit to each other that without this show they simply will not survive. Everything is not going as well in their lives as it seems. They decide to bring Hannah back, because her script brought them back to reboot an old TV show.

They’re trying to convince her to come back and that she can work with Gordon. Then Hannah blurts out the terrible truth. The biggest and darkest secret is that Hannah is Gordon’s daughter! And the whole show is really based on real events from her life.


Courtesy of Hulu

Considering how the first episode ended, the fans will definitely not be disappointed in the rest of the show. The viewers can expect, for sure, a lot of funny and extraordinary scenes and definitely a lot of unusual plot twists.

So get ready for a tremendous show and actors, who know exactly how to make the audience laugh out loud. And, obviously, they will make you wait impatiently for new series.



The first three episodes premiered on Hulu on September 20. New episodes will be released every Tuesday.

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