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Wednesday, Jun 12th, 2024
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MUBI Acquires Cannes Un Certain Regard Title ‘The Settlers’

MUBI Acquires Cannes Un Certain Regard Title ‘The Settlers’

Global distributor, streamer and production company MUBI has acquired Felipe Gálvez’ “The Settlers,” which bowed on Tuesday at the Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section.

MUBI has acquired the film for North America, U.K., Latin America, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux and India. MUBI will release the film theatrically in the U.S., U.K., and additional territories with release plans to be revealed soon.

“The Settlers” is set in Chile at the beginning of the 20th century. A wealthy landowner hires three horsemen to mark out the perimeter of his extensive property and open a route to the Atlantic Ocean across vast Patagonia. The expedition, composed of a young Chilean mestizo, an American mercenary, and led by a reckless British lieutenant, soon turns into a ‘civilizing’ raid.

“If something is controversial, it’s a good sign. It means it’s interesting. I am trying to provoke with my film, because this conversation is far from over,” Gálvez told Variety about the film.

mk2 negotiated the deal with MUBI.

The film is produced by Giancarlo Nasi, Benjamín Domenech, Santiago Gallelli, Matías Roveda, Emily Morgan, Thierry Lenouvel and Stefano Centini. It is co-produced by Katrin Pors, Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin, Kristina Börjeson, Anthony Muir, Ingmar Trost, Fernando Bascuñán; and executive produced by Alex C. Lo, Constanza Erenchun and Amy Gardner.

Written by Gálvez and Antonia Girardi (in collaboration with Mariano Llinás), “The Settlers” stars Mark Stanley, Camilo Arancibia, Benjamín Westfall, Alfredo Castro, Mishell Guaña, Agustín Rittano, Mariano Llinás, Sam Spruell, Adriana Stuven, Luis Machín and Marcelo Alonso.

The film is presented by Cinema Inutile (U.S.), produced by Quijote Films (Chile), Rei Cine (Argentina), Quiddity Films (U.K.) and Volos Films (Taiwan); in co-production with Cine Sud Promotion (France), Snowglobe (Denmark), Film I Väst (Sweden), Sutor Kolonko (Germany); in association with: Finite Films (U.K.), mk2 Films (France), and Dulac Distribution (France).

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