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Friday, Jun 21st, 2024
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Maverick sets multiple box office records in second week

Maverick sets multiple box office records in second week

Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount), Crimes Of The Future (NEON)

Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount), Crimes Of The Future (NEON)
Image: The A.V. Club

Revvin’ up your engine, listen to her howling roar. Metal under tension, beggin’ you to touch and go. Highway to the Crimes Of The Future. Ride into the Crimes Of The Future.

That’s right, body horror freaks. Grab a delicious plate of plastic and grow some extra ears, because David Cronenberg’s Crimes Of The Future flew up the box office charts like some kind of fighter jet flown by a maverick pilot in its debut, opening to a stunning $1.1 million and landing in… 10th place. Now, that might not seem super great, but look at it this way: Crimes Of The Future made a whole million dollars without even having Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in it! And that whole million dollars was just enough to beat Watcher and get Cronenberg’s film into the top 10! Wow! Ears in places where ears should not be!

Anyway, it’s only been two weeks and we’re already coming up with things to say other than “Top Gun: Maverick made a lot of money.” But yes, Top Gun: Maverick made a lot of money, specifically the maddening sum of $85,999,989 (just round up, christ) for a total of nearly $300 million (see how easy that was?), making it—after just two weeks and without a Doctor Strange in it—Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing film domestically. The Hollywood Reporter also notes that its 32 percent drop from last week’s total is the smallest decline a movie has ever had after opening to more than $100 million.

The other interesting thing about this weekend’s box office is that a good chunk of the films are available to watch at home now, either on-demand or on streaming services, which surely contributed to Top Gun and Doctor Strange’s continued success (though the good doctor has fallen pretty far over the course of its five weeks, he’s still on pace to break $400 million soon). Other than that, one thing you won’t see on this chart is Morbius, which was put back in theaters this weekend for some reason but apparently didn’t release official numbers—or at least not numbers that Box Office Mojo, our source for this stuff, felt compelled to mention.

The full top 10 list, which we swear is not a copy-paste of last week’s list (you can tell because of the inclusion of Indian film Vikram and the aforementioned Crimes Of The Future) below.

  1. Top Gun: Maverick
  2. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness
  3. The Bob’s Burgers Movie
  4. The Bad Guys
  5. Downton Abbey: A New Era
  6. Everything Everywhere All At Once
  7. Vikram
  8. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
  9. The Lost City
  10. Crimes Of The Future

Headin’ into twilight, spreadin’ out her wings tonight. She got you jumpin’ off the deck and shovin’ into overdrive. Highway to the Crimes Of The Future. I’ll take you right into the Crimes Of The Future.

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