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Monday, Jul 22nd, 2024
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Justin Timberlake is Back, With New Single “Selfish”

Justin Timberlake is Back, With New Single “Selfish”

Justin Timberlake is back, and this time he’s feeling a little selfish. After a five year hiatus leaving fans without any solo material from the pop star, Timberlake has finally launched a new single, “Selfish.”

At his concert in Memphis 2 days ago, Timberlake dropped the news of a new single. He made the announcement official by posting a picture on Instagram of what appears to be the album cover art of Timberlake facing away from the camera towards a canyon in the background. Monday January 22 simply captioning it with the release date, “1.25”.

Timberlake also shared a trailer for his upcoming sixth album titled “Everything I Thought I Was”. In the Wes Anderson style trailer we can see a backdrop of a gas station along a canyon background, we then hear the narrator voiced by Benicio Del detail what he sees. “What do we have here? Oh, that’s a nice car—wait, it’s a model,” Del Toro says, looking at the mini figurines. “Did that say JT? Okay, that sunset is definitely not real. Ah, there’s Justin. Why won’t he turn around? What the f**k is he staring at?” He says as he sees Timberlake staring at the sunset in the opposite direction.
The teaser ends with the title “Justin Timberlake Presents: Everything I Thought It Was.”

Earlier today, Timberlake premiered his brand new single “Selfish” on YouTube to an audience of fans from around the world, this single will mark Timberlake’s first solo release since 2018’s “Man of the Woods”, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The song was already debuted live at his concert in Memphis on January 19. Today marks its official worldwide release. The lyrics include the chorus,

“So if I get jealous, I can’t help it
I want every bit of you, I guess I’m selfish
It’s bad for my mental, but I can’t fight it, when
You’re out lookin’ like you do, but you can’t hide it, no”

The 10-time Grammy winner is known for his versatility in music, this R&B-infused love song shows a more vulnerable side of Justin’s work similar to his early work.

He didn’t fail to bring the sexy back once again in his new music video. The video directed by Bradley J. Calder (SZA) focuses solely on Timberlake, who appears on a sound stage, and has Alice in Wonderland themes to it, and what would a JT music video be without a look at his smooth, signature dance moves.

Watch the official music video for “Selfish” below:

Though his solo music career was on hiatus, we did see Timberlake did reunite with his NSYNC family for the song “Better Place,” from the film Trolls Band Together starring Timberlake himself.

Timberlake is also set to return to his beloved Saturday Night Live is to set to serve as musical guest with Dakota Johnson hosting the episode this weekend.

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