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Saturday, May 18th, 2024
HomeVideoJustin Quiles on Collaborating With Daddy Yankee and His Influences

Justin Quiles on Collaborating With Daddy Yankee and His Influences

Justin Quiles on Collaborating With Daddy Yankee and His Influences

The Artists Den and Variety return this week with reggaeton singer Justin Quiles talking about his musical collaborations with Malum and Daddy Yankee, why Florida is important to his roots, and his latest album, “La Última Promesa.”

In the latest installment of “Live From My Den,” Quiles sat down with senior artisans editor Jazz Tangcay to talk about how his albums are intertwined and reveal his true self.

“I feel like a lot of my fans were waiting for this. They were like, ‘We want that Justin Quiles from ‘La Promesa’ and that’s why I named it ‘La Última Promesa,’ because I don’t want them to expect the same thing over and over,” he says.

Quiles also shared why the Sunshine State feels like home. The singer moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando when he was in his teens and currently lives in Miami. “I love Miami,” he says. “I feel like I’m in my home, and I feel like I never left Puerto Rico.” Quiles adds, “I came out here for a couple of days and it turned into a month.”

The city also inspires him creatively. Whether it’s going down to the beach or sitting outside on his balcony, he says he “always finds a new spot” to write.

The “Jeans” singer also shared how his brother played a part in influencing him and his career. Quiles says, “He was always freestyling in our backyard, and that’s how I fell in love with music. I used to see him freestyling with his friends all the time, and I used to jump in and throw in a couple [of] rhymes.”

His family played a key role in his career. “My brother always used to listen to hip-hop and reggaeton and my mom used to listen to a lot of salsa and merengue.” That exposure to Spanish, Latino and American music served as the basis for his music.  “That’s why my records never sound the same. Yes, I do reggaeton. And then I do songs like ‘Locos,’ which is a tropical song, and then I go and jump and do other types of music. I’m always experimenting.”

Quiles also shares how his collaboration with Daddy Yankee happened.  “I saw Daddy Yankee in the studio, and I wasn’t scared. I was like, ‘Yo, I want you to listen to something.’ He was making music and I was like, ‘Can you listen to this record I’ve got. I just want you to listen to it.’ He listened to it, and he was vibing to it. I saw a smile on his face.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Daddy Yankee loved the record and collaborated with Quiles. Watch the video above.

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