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Sunday, Jul 21st, 2024
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Jessica Biel On Her Career And Hulu’s ‘Candy’ — The Actor’s Side – Deadline

Jessica Biel On Her Career And Hulu’s ‘Candy’ — The Actor’s Side – Deadline


Jessica Biel not only is finding numerous meaty roles for herself these days, she has, with producing partner Michelle Purple, found a way to get them made. Her latest is the Hulu limited series Candy, which details a shocking crime that happened 42 years ago in a small Texas town where a wife and mother took an ax to another suburban mom and friend, is just one of a number of projects she has brought to fruition — not just a star but also a key producer. Others include her Emmy-nominated The Sinner, Cruel Summer and Limetown, along with the 2016 movie Book of Love, with many more in the pipeline.

She joins me today for this episode of my Deadline video series Behind the Lens, where she discusses what drew her to the strange and stunning story of Candy Montgomery; whether she believes she was guilty or not; how she shot it during a pandemic while competing against another limited series for HBO Max dealing with the same story (it airs in August); working with Melanie Lynskey in some pretty harrowing scenes; physically transforming into this woman who at 72 is still alive; and, among other co-stars, describing how she came to cast her famous husband Justin Timberlake in a surprise uncredited role in the final two episodes. The answer might surprise you.

To watch our conversation and to go “behind the lens” with Jessica Biel, who is becoming a powerhouse on both sides of the camera, check out the video above.

Join me every Monday and Friday during Emmy season for another episode of Behind the Lens.

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