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Saturday, Sep 23rd, 2023
HomeEntertaintmentMusicHailey Bieber ‘Stole’ Justin Bieber’s Baggy Pants to Wear With a Tiny Crop Top—See Pics
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Hailey Bieber ‘Stole’ Justin Bieber’s Baggy Pants to Wear With a Tiny Crop Top—See Pics

In all the pictures, Hailey Bieber’s skin looked effortlessly dewy with her signature ’90s pink lip and her hair down in loose waves. In April, makeup artist Jamie Greenberg revealed how to achieve this glowing effect, which Hailey refers to as “glazed donut skin.”

“This is a texture that hasn’t been seen a lot in the last decade,” Greenberg said. “The glazed look is usually a signal of youthful skin—the youth are really embracing the gleam of a glazed skin look, and everyone is following suit.” 

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Before you even start with makeup, Greenberg recommends gently exfoliating to remove any dead flakes before prepping your skin with a face oil or balm (she likes Furtuna Skin’s Replenishing Balm and Skinowl’s Selenite Gloss). This may not be the best routine for people with naturally oily skin as Greenberg further recommends mixing an oil into your foundation or onto your skin after applying your makeup. One product Greenberg swears by is Kevyn Aucoin’s Glass Glow Gloss for the glazed effect. “I love to layer with a little color too,” she says. “I like to place JamieMakeup’s Blighlighter as a first step and the Glass Glow on top.” 

As for the pinky-brown lip, Hailey Bieber broke that down herself on TikTok. “For lips, everyone knows I love this Anywhere Caffeine Lip Liner [from Makeup for Ever],” she said in a May video. She applies the liner just outside her lip line before layering her favorite lipstick on top. “This is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk,” she said, putting the lipstick shade on her finger before dabbing it onto her lip. “I love this lip combo. I love lip combos that I feel like match my natural color of my lips.”

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