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Saturday, Jul 13th, 2024
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“Good Trouble” 3×08 – Talk Nerdy With Us

“Good Trouble” 3×08 – Talk Nerdy With Us

We’re just two weeks away from the Good Trouble midseason finale and this week’s episode set up the storylines we’re going to continue to see play out over the last few episodes. Callie and the rest of Kathleen Gale’s team are preparing for a new trial, Alice is still struggling with the diversity in comedy program, and Malika is still navigating her relationships with both Isaac and Dyonte.

So without further ado, let’s just jump into this recap, shall we?


Now that Jerod’s case is behind them, Kathleen Gale’s firm is taking on a murder case. The prosecution team is filled with familiar faces like Mark, Jamie’s supervisor Nicolette, and of course Jamie himself. Mark wants to use Jamie to get to Callie, but Kathleen tells Callie that when “they rattle you, you rattle them right back”. 

Since Kathleen’s team was literally just hired after their client fired his last team, Kathleen makes a big scene during the pretrial motion. It looks like the judge isn’t going to fall for her antics, but he ultimately gives her and the rest of her team three days to get everything together. 

While all of this is going on, Callie is still trying to figure out why her new boss is being investigated by the FBI. She calls up Ben (!!!!!), who does her a favor and looks into the investigation. After she and Kathleen have a heart-to-heart about their moms, Callie decides to trust her and tells Ben that she doesn’t need anything from him anymore. Meanwhile, Mark tells Jamie that Kathleen is definitely dirty. 


Remember earlier this season when I said I wasn’t really feeling Alice’s storyline? Well that’s completely changed because these last couple of episodes have found me super invested in what’s happening with her and her budding comedy career. 

The diversity in comedy program’s director is still continuing to have the participants only do sketches filled with racist stereotypes. So they all decide to let loose and go to a stand-up open mic. Alice does a set that really highlights all the of the problems with the workshop. “The people who create these diversity programs think they’re opening doors. And they are… to the 1950s.”

Ruby (more on her in a second) just so happens to be in the audience and hears Alice’s entire set. She says she understands where Alice is coming from, but that those are unfortunately the types of roles available for people of color right now. 

Ruby is not the only important person who sees Alice’s set. Her set ends up on Instagram and the program director ends up seeing it. Since one person from the program is set to be cut, Alice is sure that this has sealed her fate. However, the director thinks it’s hilarious and just continues on as if nothing ever happened.

Remember when I said we’d come back to Ruby in a second? Well Ruby wants to hook up with Alice again. But thanks to a sex dream she had about Callie last week, Alice has decided that she wants to be more in control of their relationship, so she blows Ruby off. Alice’s “plan” worked at first because Ruby seemed more interested in her. But ultimately, Ruby decides she’s being too clingy and ends things with Alice for now. 


Malika finally decided to go therapy. She’s been through a lot in the last couple of years so it seems like this is only going to be beneficial for her. 

This initial session focuses on her confusing feelings for Dyonte. We see the end of last week’s conversation between her and Isaac where she assures him that he’s the only one she wants. However, she tells her therapist straight up that she has feelings for Dyonte. “I want to be close to him,” she confesses. “He makes me happy.” 

Her therapist concludes that Malika wants to be in a relationship with both Isaac and Dyonte, but Malika admits that it feels wrong to want that. 

“Monogamy is just a social construct,” her therapist tells her. “We’ve been conditioned to value having one significant partner. But for many people, consensual non-monogamy feels more natural for them.”

Malika takes some time and talks it over with her girlfriends, who tell her she needs to be sure she knows what she wants before she talks to Isaac because once she does, “it’s a bell that you cannot unring.”

We then see her back in another therapy session where she tells Isaac that she lied about her feelings for Dyonte because she does want to be with him. But, she also wants to continue dating Isaac. He looks at her like he’s honestly shocked to hear those words coming from her mouth. 

Even though we only see Isaac’s shocked reaction, I believe he’s ultimately going to try the poly relationship with Malika and Dyonte. I doubt the show would go this far with this storyline and not actually end up with a poly relationship. Regardless, I don’t think this is the end for Malika and Isaac. 

Other Thoughts

  • I liked this episode, but I am BEYOND excited for next week’s episode. Gael inviting Callie to his boss’s art show? YES PLEASE! 

What did you think of the episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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