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Saturday, May 25th, 2024
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The wait is over and Tell Me Lies has been officially been renewed for Season 2. I know we all can’t get enough of all the drama surrounding these college kids. Especially the main love interests Stephen and Lucy and all their toxic messiness. Let’s be honest we all had a Stephen in our lives. It’s the bad boys every single time. We all binged this show in 2 days don’t lie.

Tell Me Lies

Courtesy of Hulu

The show is taken from Carola Lovering’s bestselling novel of the same name. Season 1 first premiered in September starring Grace Van Patten as Lucy, a college freshman who gets swept up in a steamy, toxic, on-and-off romance with Stephen played by Jackson White. It takes place over the course of eight years. This season introduced us to the dark secrets from Stephen’s past which came to light. Will he ever get caught? We shall see next season.

Hulu officially announced Season 2 on Twitter this afternoon (please see below)

What Will Season 2 Be About?

It’s too early to tell what it will about but we can be sure it will be an extension what transpired on the Season finale. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. Fingers crossed it will be releasing next year which it is rumored.  We will also be seeing plenty of new cast members being introduced.