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Thursday, Dec 7th, 2023
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Anime Adventures: Rain Village update patch notes and code

Anime Adventures: Rain Village update patch notes and code

Anime Adventures’ Rain Village update has just gone live.

The latest update for the popular Roblox game adds a new world called Rain Village, as well as new features.

This includes a beta matchmaking feature, allowing players to get automatically matched with other players.

The new update also comes with a new code, which you can find here:

The full patch notes for Anime Adventures’ Rain Village update are as follows:

Anime Adventures – Rain Village update patch notes

New World: Rain Village

  • Join Noruto and his allies as they face the formidable Six Paths of Pain, navigating through Rain Village to uncover the secrets behind this enigmatic threat!
  • Brand new unique units to collect, upgrade, and evolve!
  • New Evolve Quests!
  • All new units have increased drop rate and damage in new Legend Stages!
  • Event shop added! Exchange Ninja Scrolls daily for rewards! (Speak with Jirayo in the lobby)
  • New Limited-Time Secret Unit!

New Battle Pass: Trion Hunt

  • A new battle pass has released, along with new units to collect! Progress through the battle pass by taking down enemies in any game mode!

Evolve requirements for many Mythics greatly reduced

New Feature: Matchmaking (Beta)

  • Option to join Global Matchmaking added for Infinite, Legend Stages, and Halloween Event!
  • Use to automatically get matched with other players!
  • Matchmaking improvements coming soon!

Guild Ranking now visible on player overhead

  • New Daily Missions! Navi has more missions that can be completed to help you evolve units!
  • New Infinity Castle, Leaderboard, and Tournament seasons!

Mangekyō Eye Relic can now buff and be equipped for any Damage Type

  • More units have become tradable!
  • Cosmetics added to some units!
  • New Event Quests!
  • Balance changes + bug fixes!
  • Much more coming soon!

Units that are now tradable:

  • Rohon and Rohon (Artist)
  • Boxo
  • Cooler

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