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Friday, Mar 24th, 2023
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Animated Black Panther MCU Series Reportedly Being Developed

A Disney+ spin-off series of the hit Marvel Studios franchise Black Panther has been rumored for some time, but according to recent reports, a different show could be in the works.

During the latest episode of The Hot Mic podcast, Above the Line’s Jeff Sneider shared a rumor that Ryan Coogler and Disney had met about developing a series, but one that would actually be animated, and not a live-action project like so many fans thought.

Sneider said the series could be titled The Golden City, a reference to the fictional city of Birnin Zana, which is the capital city of the Kingdom of Wakanda.

Sneider didn’t mention much else about the show, nor did he say whether or not this would be replacing the previously rumored series that would focus on the Dora Milaje. Prior to the news of an animated series, rumors suggested that a series starring Danai Gurira was in the works, with the actress playing coy during a January appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Stephen,” Gurira said. “I have been told that I can gently allude to this possibility. So, I am gently alluding. Just gently.”

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