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Saturday, May 25th, 2024
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Alex Kahuam’s Ted Raimi Thriller ‘Failure!’ Goes With Alief

Alex Kahuam’s Ted Raimi Thriller ‘Failure!’ Goes With Alief

Alief has acquired world sales rights to Alex Kahuam’s single-take thriller “Failure!” starring Ted Raimi.

Shot in a single, 87-minute take, the Mexican-U.S. co-production follows James (Raimi), a man who has just one hour to choose between financial ruin or murder to protect his family.

The film gained a boost after bowing at the inaugural Fantastic Pavilion Galas, the Cannes Film Market’s new genre showcase.

“I’m very excited to work with Alief because they understand what true cinema is,” said Kahuam. “The Fantastic Pavilion was the bridge and Alief was the catalyst to move the film where we thought it should go.”

Raimi added: “With Alief, I’m looking forward to fans seeing me in a different light; still a black and morbid one, but now dramatic as well.”

“We are chuffed to represent Alex Kahuam’s brilliant genre-bending thriller featuring a tour-de-force performance from the one and only Ted Raimi,” said Alief President Brett Walker.  

Raimi has described the filming of “Failure!” as “challenging because the tension in this thriller is built around 87 tight pages shot in one single take. No cuts, no tricks – one mistake at minute 86 and we would have to start all over again.”

Kahuam and Raimi produced “Failure!” along with Marco De Molina, Kayli Fortun and Jose D. Rodriguez via Kahuam’s Promotora NAE and De Molina’s SpaceBrain Entertainment.

“We are thrilled to start this ride with our friends at Promotora NAE Mexico and Spacebrain Entertainment USA,” said Alief partner Miguel Angel Govea. “We loved the market reaction at the first screening and know our buyers will be entertained with this smart thriller.” 

Marco De Molina, Ted Raimi, Miguel Angel Govea, Alex Kahuam and Kayli Fortun
Courtesy of Alief

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