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Monday, Jul 22nd, 2024
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Academy Of Motion Pictures Candidate List For Board Of Governors Leaks – Deadline

Academy Of Motion Pictures Candidate List For Board Of Governors Leaks – Deadline

The nominees list for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Board of GDovernors has been revealed before its June 6-10 balloting.

The candidates are hoping to fill the open seats on the 54-member board. Up to four candidates are set for the open seat at each each branch, which carries three governors with staggered terms per branch.

Board members who have termed out include Academy president David Rubin (from the casting directors branch), Jan Pascale (production designers), Mark Johnson (producers) and Nancy Utley (PR).

Candidates vying for a seat include actress Marlee Matlin,  composer Hans Zimmer, and executive Toby Emmerich.

The slate faces some crucial tests once installed, including selecting a new Academy president and new CEO to replace outgoing Dawn Hudson. The Academy also must overcome perceptions created in a rocky year, with its Will Smith Oscars slap incident and the uproar over what categories would make it into the Oscars broadcast..

THR first reported the candidates list.

The candidates by branch are below.


Richard Dreyfuss

John Leguizamo

Marlee Matlin

Lou Diamond Phillips 

Casting Directors:

Lucy Bevan

Richard Hicks

Robi Reed

Cathy Sandrich


Dion Beebe

Michael Goi

Eric Steelberg

Amy Vincent

Costume Designers:

Ruth E. Carter

Judianna Makovsky


John Badham

Patricia Cardoso

Kimberly Peirce

Jason Reitman


Evgeny Afineevsky

Joslyn Barnes

Lauren Greenfield

Chris Hegedus


Michael Barker

Toby Emmerich

Rob Friedman

Donna Gigliotti

Film editors:

Anne Goursaud

Mark Helfrich

Nancy Richardson

Mary Sweeney

Makeup and hair stylists:

Howard Berger

Trefor Proud

Marketing and PR:

Megan Colligan

David Dinerstein

Kevin Goetz

Susan Kroll


Sharon Farber

Charles Fox
Taura Stinson

Hans Zimmer


Jason Blum

Effie Brown

Heather Rae

Irwin Winkler

Production Designers:

John A. Kuri

Missy Parker

Short films and feature animation:

Eric Beckman

Melissa Cobb

Ron Diamond

Marlon West


Peter Devlin

Chris Munro

Lee Orloff

Mark Ulano

Visual effects:

Paul Debevec

Jonathan Erland

Hal Hickel

Helena Packer


Scott Burns

Dale Launer

Daniel Petrie, Jr.

Eric Roth


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