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Thursday, Jun 1st, 2023
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16 Best Loafers for Women, According to Editors and Reviewers

16 Best Loafers for Women, According to Editors and Reviewers

The best loafers for women are year-round investments—no matter the season, they’ll be here to punch up your look. (No disrespect to more seasonal styles like walking sandals, summer sneakers, or knee-high boots, though.) These wardrobe essentials belong in every closet, thanks to the fact that they’re deceptively versatile.

Depending on how you style them, loafers can be professional, playful, edgy, or anywhere in between. They get an A-plus with jeans and a blazer and can ground a billowy summer dress or frilly blouse. Timeless details like straps, tassels, and hardware adorn our favorite styles, while new(er) touches like lug soles, color-blocking, and cutouts bring the drama. No matter which pair of loafers you choose, though, they offer enough structure that you can roll right out of bed, throw on almost any ’fit, and still manage to look put-together.

Can’t decide which exact pair to add to your lineup? You’ve come to the right place: We’ve spent years filling our personal closets with the best loafers for women, and we have thoughts on exactly which ones you should be investing in. Meet our favorite pairs of women’s loafers, both on-trend and timeless, according to Glamour editors and reviewers.

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