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Saturday, Jun 3rd, 2023
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Why Are People So Hyped About Seeing the Barbie Movie?

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of upcoming blockbuster releases, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie feature film spectacular, slated for release this July. From online buzz around the film’s teaser and trailer, to the viral photo filter that transforms anyone into a Barbie character, the movie looks set to paint the town pink.

That said, some might be raising eyebrows over the excitement for what is ostensibly a film about a popular plastic toy. If you’ve found yourself scratching your head during the accelerating online Barbie-mania, we’re here to break down who is the most excited for this release , and why.

We polled 500 people across genders, from generations X to Z, to get to the bottom of the appeal of the upcoming feature. The collected results were surprising. Without any further ado, let’s take a look. C’mon Barbie, let’s go party!

Understanding the Barbie Hype

Our poll group all answered that they are 100% interested in catching the Barbie movie in theaters this Summer. Given their enthusiasm, we were keen to understand what the biggest selling point of the feature was for audiences.

While you might assume that nostalgia among Gen-Xers, Millennials and Zoomers might account for the eager response to the film, our survey found that of those polled only 24.4% cited nostalgia for their childhoods of playing with Barbies as their motivation for catching this release.

Instead, 30.2% of respondents pointed to the star of the film, Margot Robbie, as their reason for excitement. Robbie has enjoyed enormous popularity and acclaim to date, and her turn as the titular Barbie looks set to further boost the actress into superstardom.

Aside from Robbie and nostalgia, 18.6% of respondents cited the virality of the film’s marketing as a factor in their decision, saying that they were hooked by the many memes circulating on social media.

Barbie Girls and Boys

While Margot Robbie appears to be the film’s biggest draw, the data does differ when we take a look at the findings based on gender. 36.87% of men polled favored Robbie as the sole reason to watch the film, compared to 25.09% of women.

Meanwhile, 3.22% of women cited nostalgia and their childhood obsession with Barbies as the reason why they’ll be watching this July. Compare this to just 12.9% of men who answered with nostalgia as their motivation.

Generation Barbie

The answers were also skewed across generations. We polled Gen Xers (aged 43-58), Millennials (27-42) and Zoomers/Gen Zers (18-26) and were surprised by the breakdown. Surprisingly, Gen X were the only generation to cite nostalgia as a motivation factor, with 24.74% of this generation hoping to indulge in childhood memories.

A further 24.74% are keen to watch based on their enjoyment of Greta Gerwig’s previous films , something that wasn’t a particular concern of Millennials (9.42%) or Zoomers (11.81%) – which is curious, given that Gerwig herself is a Millennial.

Millennials and Zoomers were united in their enthusiasm for Margot Robbie, answering with 35.51% and 25.2% respectively. Unsurprisingly, a further 25.2% of internet-savvy Zoomers answered that the memes spawned by the film’s marketing is what has them the most interested.

The Stars of Barbie

Unfortunately for director Gerwig and co-star Ryan Gosling, only 13% and 13.8% of respondents respectively will be watching for their contributions. However, that doesn’t mean that Robbie is the only name that will be drawing crowds to the screen in July.

When asked who else they’re excited to see in Barbie, 40.2% of respondents named comedic veteran Will Ferrell. Ferrell is no stranger to family-friendly toy adaptations, and his performance in 2014’s Lego Movie no doubt accounts a lot for people’s excitement around his upcoming role in Barbie.

Second to Ferrell, with 22.8% of the vote, is wrestler-turned-actor John Cena. Cena, too, has proven his comedy chops in past outings like Trainwreck (2015) and Sisters (2015), though his ability to balance raunchy comedy with more family-oriented fare remains to be seen.

Of the remaining top-billed performers, 16.4% of respondents are hyped to see pop star, Dua Lipa, make her feature film debut. 11.8% are looking forward to seeing Michael Cera in the role of Ken’s BFF, Allan and .4% are keen to see Simu Liu as a rival to Gosling’s Ken.

What’s it All About, Barbie?

Aside from Robbie and nostalgia, 18.6% of respondents cited the virality of the film’s marketing as a factor in their decision, saying that they were hooked by the many memes circulating on social media. Which is all well and good, but what is the film actually about?

According to our survey group, it really doesn’t matter! 56% of those polled said that they have no idea what’s in store for them, but they’re hyped all the same. 44% of respondents, however, answered that they’ve done their homework, so let’s hope Gerwig is well-versed in Barbie lore.

After all, there’s a lot riding on this film’s success. When asked if they had high expectations for the film, a whopping 82.6% of our survey group said yes. A further 12.8% said that they didn’t care, they just wanted to see Barbie in action.

She’s Everything, He’s Just Ken

Much has been made online of the film’s tagline, “She’s Everything, He’s Just Ken”. While, historically, Barbie has been a veterinarian, a popstar, a pilot, an astronaut and more, Ken has always just been…well, Ken.

So, when it comes to Barbie and Ken, who are audiences more excited to see on the big screen? Perhaps surprising no one, 77% of our respondents are all about Barbie. A mere 17.6% of those polled are team Ken. The consensus appears to be that he really is just Ken, whereas Barbie is the main event.

Final Thoughts

Barbie is a global pop cultural phenomenon, and has been since the doll’s launch in 1959 . While the Mattel brand has made countless straight-to-video/DVD Barbie films over the decades, this is the first live action major motion picture event for the property, which understandably accounts for some of the hype.

However, we were surprised to learn just how many people across demographics were eagerly anticipating this colorful blockbuster release. While appealing to all generations, it was Millennials who provided the bulk of the responses to our survey, though the split between men and women was marginal.

Whether you’re a lifelong Barbie fanatic or are simply drawn in by the film’s star-studded cast, what we’ve seen of the movie so far promises enough fun and humor to appeal to all stripes of cinemagoers, making this a summer blockbuster you won’t want to miss.

Our Methodology

Of the 500 people polled, 100% expressed interest in seeing the upcoming Barbie movie. The percentages cited in this article indicate the answers of those who expressed interest in the question and available options, and omits any responders unwilling to engage with the survey.

This article was reposted with permission of Casinos.US and you can read the original story here.

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