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Saturday, Jul 20th, 2024
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Thirteen Lives Review: The War on Water

Thirteen Lives Review: The War on Water

Thirteen Lives-Courtesy IMDB

Thirteen Lives is the latest Ron Howard film about the harrowing true story of 12 young boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.  With documentary-like sensibilities, it chronicles the global response to their plight and the epic rescue that ensued.

This film gets top marks across the board.  The degree of difficulty in making this movie red-lines when you consider the magnitude, scope and scale of what it took to deliver a masterpiece of such technical prowess and authenticity.

22-12-8 Screening Thirteen Lives-The Sleeping Princess

The film pays homage to Thailand’s culture, its people and their communal sacrifice while honoring their spiritual beliefs and practices.  It is a story that shows a reverence for what is sensitive, like the boys’ feelings and fears, their families who white-knuckled the 17-day ordeal, all while paradoxically demonstrating the power of Monsoon rains and the mammoth international effort required to deliver those boys from an otherwise watery grave.

What I find unique to true stories, is they often render within us, a tendency to project our own reality onto such events; What would I do if it were my son? my community? if one of the divers were my husband, son, brother, friend?  It ups the ante in tension and emotional connection.

Thirteen Lives IMDB-Preparing the Boys

This movie is a must-watch wonder that ignited my own passions of curiosity towards what it took to deliver the realism we see on this film.  I did a deep dive (no pun intended) into the research and watched several entertaining and informative videos on the rescue efforts and the technical aspects of this kind of film making.  Do yourself a favor and watch Vanity Fair’s YouTube production of “Notes on a Scene.”

There are also several efforts that have been made to capture the struggles and challenges by these story telling professionals.  See the LA Premiere interview where some of the cast and crew articulate the brands of heroism and courage that were on display throughout this ordeal.

Thirteen Lives IMDB-The War on Water

Most notably, in my opinion, are the branches of film making that lend expertise to such a nuanced piece of work.  From the engineers who deliver the sounds that bring the hauntingly eerie cave dives to life, to the music that underscores both the edge-of-your-seat tension and the sweetest moments of victory, to the production design that boggles the mind in its complexity and magnitude.

Thirteen Lives-Divers in the Cave

I must take the opportunity to congratulate the lead actors (Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton, Tom Bateman) in this film.  They captured true to life performances of the skills demonstrated by elite cave divers.  They exhibited courage and tenacity to deliver performances that carried a hefty personal price tag in gruelling physicality and mental stress.

You can catch Thirteen Lives which is now streaming on Prime Video.  You will enjoy it immensely.  Keep a box of tissues handy!

Check out some of the Instagram coverage on this film.

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